les expenses continuent d’augmenter plus vite que les recettes

L’assurance-maternité (AMM) is worried about the current geopolitical and inflationary context that risks further weakening its finance system.

Le conseil d’administration de la Caisse nationale de santé (CNS) met on November 9 to state, comme chaque année, sur le budget future de l’assurance maladie-maternité (AMM) en partent of different hypothèses démographiques et économiques . Dans son report, publié ce mercredi matin, il explique que le balance des opérations courantes est négative et se creuse. From 2020, the year marked by the onset of the covid crisis, l’AMM closed with a current deficit of 12.4 million euros.

Depuis lors, le deficit sur les opérations courantes de l’AMM perdure avec, pour 2021, a negative sur les operations courantes of -55.7 million d’euros and, result 2022, a negative result estimated sur les operations courantes of – 55 .3 million euros. In 2023, et malgré l’apaisement sur le front de la pandemie, le solde des courantes operations should rester negative with -9.7 million euros and ceci pour une quatrième année d’affilée.

And même and les recettes évoluent de façon positive in the rationale of an additional state endowment in the framework of a covid of 37.5 million euros, but also of a significant increase in the number of insured and the average incomes cotisable, sans oublier a positive impact from variation de l’échelle mobile des salaires of 4.4%, the expenses have augmented more rapidly than the receipts. According to forecasts, the ratio of global reserves to current expenditure from 24.9% in 2021 to 21.6% in 2022 and to 19.8% in 2023.

Uncertain prospects

Thus, les recettes courantes do not allow to finance current expenses. What negative balances generate a decrease in the global reservation of 847.9 million euros in 2022 to 838.2 million euros in 2023. financement des éléments courantes.

For the CNS, the current financial situation of the AMM requires responsible behavior for all actors of the system in terms of consumption of benefits and budgetary discipline, so that a constructive collaboration of all parties involved to ensure the health system plus. efficient et efficient in the years to come.


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