Les fintechs canadiennes face à une baisse des investments au premier semestre 2022

KPMG LLP has published a report for the investments made in the first half of the financial technology sector worldwide. On and learn that investment in Canada is up 50% in the first six months of 2022 after a record year in 2021.

« Le marché de la technologie financier experienced an exceptional year in 2021, ce qui porte à croire que les investissements ont dégringolé depuis le début de 2022. Or, ce n’est vraiment pas le cas. Ils sont tout simplement revenues at the levels of 2019 and 2020″, he points out Anton Ruddenklau, global chef, financial technology, and chef, services financiers, to KPMG, to Singapore. “Disregarding the exceptional results of 2021, investment and interest in fintech has been quite positive around the world.[dans la première moitié de 2022]», add it.

Dans le report by KPMG (The Fintech H1’22 Global pulse), M. Ruddenklau ajoute que l’incertitude qui plane actuellement sur le marché should persist, more so that la diversité des sous-secteurs et des régions qui attractent des capitals contributeera au maintien des investissements à court terme.

In Canada, les entreprises de technologie financière saw a total of 810 million US dollars in investments in 85 transactions in the first half of 2022. la même période l’année precedente. There is also a decrease in relation to the second half of 2021 (1.9 billion dollars). KPMG notes that this trend matches the general benchmarks seen in the technology sector.

« At the premiere semestre de 2022, at the tour of marchés publics partout in the world, in a very high incidence of the valorization of the numerous technologiques companies cotées en bourse, and includes les sociétés de technologie financier. This situation, combined with other difficult conditions for the markets, almost paralyzed the activities of PAPE », peut-on lire dans le report. “L’optimisme qui avait gagné le marché de la technologie financier à la fin de 2021 sé est transformés rapide in crainte d’une recession au premier semestre 2022.”

The KPMG report covers six segments: payments, insurance technology, regulatory technologies, blockchain and cryptocurrencies, cyber security and wealth management technologies. KMPG also examined regional investments. Elle fait état des grandes tendances, des tendances à surveiller, et des investissements les plus important à l’échelle mondiale.

Investments in insurance technology fell sharply in the first half of the year, the report said. The sector only collected 3.8 billion American dollars, “which is very far from the 14.8 billion registered in 2021”. À l’avenir, les investisseurs probably plus strategics, feront plus de checks au préalé and focus more on the company’s profitability trajectory.

« Investors and companies are interested in other innovative business models, but especially to participate in this interest and funding, you have to address young enterprises directed by entrepreneurs who have real experience in the assurances sector. »

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