Lidl has put its Monsieur Cuisine Smart robot up for sale, which has created hysteria and a surprise reservation for loyalty card holders.

It entered Lidl’s shelves last December 6th. And very quickly, he created hysteria among the customers, some of whom did not hesitate to line up at 7 o’clock in the morning to get it. After five months of attention, the Monsieur Cuisine Smart multifunction robot is back. This is what the German brand has just announced in a statement. The latest of the famous Silvercrest robots will go on sale on Monday, June 6th. And as always, consumers will have to get up early to hopefully get their hands on one of the valuable devices. Like its predecessors, Monsieur Cuisine Smart is equipped with a 4.5 l mixing bowl and is capable of weighing, kneading, mixing, chopping, grasping, steaming …

Monsieur Cuisine Smart by Lidl: new features and a larger touch screen

It does, however, have multiple new features. The robot can ferment like a yogurt maker, cook eggs (shell, hard or soft), but also cook under vacuum. Its base is also more compact than that of the Monsieur Cuisine Connect, which offers an undeniable gain in space in the kitchen. The still-touch screen has been improved and enlarged (8 inches, up from 7 previously). As it stands the UFC-What to Choose care had the opportunity to test Mr. Cuisine Smart, it has an alt advantage compared to its predecessor: an additional vertical handle. « That’s the decent thing to do, and it should end there. It should be noted that the bowl is often heavy and burning after cooking “, Emphasizes the consumer association.

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Lidl Monsieur Cuisine Smart robot: a € 30 discount for loyalty card holders

On the accessories side, as in previous versions, it is equipped with a mixer, an internal and external steam basket, a lid, a spatula and a dosing cap. The Cooking Pilot function with 600 preloaded recipes is included in the new Smart robot. Note that the device will be sold at a price of 429 € and the holders of the free Lidl Plus loyalty card to get a rate of 399 €, or a discount of 30 €.

Lidl Smart Kitchen Robot, on sale on Monday, June 6, € 429 or € 399 with the Lidl Plus card

Compared to its predecessor, the Monsieur Cuisine Smart is more compact and has a larger touch screen.

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