Liévin: a mobile kitchen at EHPAD Delaby to fight malnutrition

At home or in the institution, malnutrition affects 670,000 people. EHPAD Denise-DELABY has decided to take up the subject to raise awareness among carers and seniors about the risks of malnutrition.

Lecture time:
2 min

From March 11, 2022, mobile cooking workshops, the basis of healthy and gourmet meals, will be invited to the EHPAD Delaby. On Thursday, the inauguration of this mobile kitchen took place in the presence of Olivier Devriendt, general manager of the AHNAC group, Éric Batcave, director of the medical and social division, Laurence Lemarre, deputy manager at Malakoff Humanis and Jérôme Darras, deputy mayor of Liévin.

Gaëlle Griboval, the establishment’s director, emphasized the benefits of these culinary workshops in combating malnutrition. « Every 15 days, in the morning from 9.30 am to 1 pm, a workshop is provided with a dietitian to prepare, in all conviviality, a meal, an entrée, a dish, a dessert. A strong social bond brings together eight to ten people who are residents, families, caregivers, assisted, neighbors, and the landlord Pas-de-Calais Habitat, which mobilizes its tenants or students of the École des Petits Bois. »

Break the isolation

Thanks to this mobile equipment, the kitchen workshops are located in different locations of the institution (in the farm unit, in the living places, in the dining room) but also outside (social center, senior club, residence) autonomy, school …). The workshops allow outsiders and seniors to create rights with each other, with families and between generations. A way to break the isolation.

Claudette Kotzmann, 86, a resident of the property for two years, gave her impressions. « A curious peak, I came the first time to participate in the proposed workshop and then, I found the atmosphere very friendly and since then I am always present. I didn’t like spinach but I found it in salads and I love it. I should have known this recipe before. At each workshop, we discover a new recipe, it’s great Claudette rejoices. Another satisfaction for the resident: ” Have a good time together ». And it’s priceless.

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