Life insurance: Say goodbye to expenses and maximize your earnings with this simple solution!

Unlike a booklet A, for example, life insurance requires the intervention of a number of actors. The latter have the function of optimizing investment management for better profitability. That’s why you have to pay a fee for this investment. Nevertheless, by opting for multi-project life insurance, it is possible to lighten the score while maximizing your earnings.

Multi-project life insurance: make free transfers of funds

There is no real life insurance per se. You can’t cut costs in adopting a good strategy.

Opting for a multi-project life insurance is for example a solution of choice to benefit from a free transfer of funds from one project to another. At Nalo (the only French actor that offers multi-project investment), this action is tax-free, in addition to being free of charge. You can add or remove a project. This operation is also free as long as the overall amount is retained.

Multi-project life insurance: one interlocutor

With multi-project life insurance, you only have one contract, and therefore only one advisor. Thus, if you want to get information or advice on your investment, do not know that only one person to contact. This greatly simplifies trade while making it easier to manage and track your investment to maximize your earnings.

Multi-project life insurance: a solution of choice for personalizing the investment

Customize your investment has never been easy with multi-project. Rather than relying on “balanced”, “offensive” or “defensive” type investor profiles, Nalo relies on a unique investment strategy. It is a method that integrates your risk appetite, your investment horizon and the purpose of your investment. What allows you to offer a tailor-made life insurance.

Multi-project life insurance: benefit from a single tax advance

I know that the date of the opening of your contract is the one retained for the application of taxation. Since multi-project life insurance is not a single contract, the tax advance is then the same for all projects. Which optimizes taxation.

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