Life insurance: the democratization of pilot management

For some years now, it has become impossible to reconcile the profitability and security of capital. (Photo credit: 123RF)

France Assureurs presented the key figures for life insurance for the year 2021. The decline in the return on funds in euros has highlighted a growing need to diversify savings, leading to the rise of piloted management. This represents 31% of life insurance collection in 2021.

Most often units of account in the collection reached a record level in 2021

Franța Assureurs has published key life insurance figures for 2021. The average rate of return on euro funds in 2021 stands at 1.30%, a stable performance compared to the previous year. But with inflation at 1.60% in 2021, the average real return on euro life insurance funds is negative. For some years now, it has become impossible to reconcile the profitability and security of capital. Pour a performance above the inflation rate, do not move on from other choices, which accept a part of the risk in diversifying their savings in units of account, often supports a higher yield potential. than that of the fund in euros, but for which capital is not guaranteed.

The French have it well included: the share of units of account (UC) in life insurance collection has continued to increase in recent years to reach a record level in 2021. Thus, UC contributions have reached record levels of 58.5 billion euros, ie 39% of the collection. In 10 years, the share of UCs in life insurance (1.876 billion euros) has increased by 12 points, from 15% in 2011 to 27% in 2021.

The growing need to diversify savings has led to the emergence of new modes of management. Thus, the share of piloted management in life insurance collection has almost doubled in 2 years, from 18% in 2019, to 22% in 2020 and then to 31% in 2021. Life insurance contracts offering piloted management are more and more.

Piloted management

In order to diversify its savings, it is necessary to distribute it on a variety of media in terms of geography, company size or sector of activity and to follow the evolution of financial markets in order to invest and resell at the right time. . Or, in general, savers do not have the time, competence or even desire to follow the markets in order to choose and adjust the distribution of units of account in their life insurance contract.

Pilot management allows them to delegate this task to an expert, usually a management company mandated by insurance. It is responsible for choosing the media and making arbitrage decisions, depending on the evolution of financial markets, respecting the risk profile chosen by the investor. Prudent, balanced, dynamic… the riskier the chosen profile, the lower the share invested in euro funds and the higher the share invested in units of account.

This expertise is a cost and is generally billed to the saver through additional management fees on units of account, which can range from 0.50% to 1.50%.


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