Life insurance: With SONAR FREE INVEST, free cost from 100 FCFA per day

The Société nationale d’assurances et de reassurances (SONAR), in collaboration with Moov Africa Burkina, launched on Friday, May 27, 2022 in Ouagadougou, the new product son called “SONAR FREE INVEST”. This is a simple and fast mechanism that allows low-income people to pay their contributions freely via Moov Money.

L’assurance pour tous in just a few clicks. It is now possible with the SONAR Group and its partner Moov Africa Burkina, both leaders in the field of insurance and mobile phones. Called “SONAR FREE INVEST”, this innovation was launched at the end of the afternoon on Friday during a ceremony at the Bravia Hotel, in the presence of several partners.

A boon for the informal sector and associations

According to SONAR Group CEO Thomas Zongo, “SONAR FREE INVEST” is “a savings and capitalization product that allows you to insure the constituent, through free contributions of 100 CFA francs per day, a capital paid at the end of the contract . »

According to him, the market study carried out before the development of the product showed, on the one hand, that a section of the population is excluded from the traditional insurance system, and on the other hand, that despite their will to contributing, some people did not find reliable actors to secure the savings they strive to pay each day or according to their ability to contribute.

The launch ceremony brought together staff from both companies, as well as informal sector actors

SONAR FREE INVEST is therefore responsible for actors in the information sector, such as traders, farmers, mechanics, artisans, etc., but also for associations and groups. The CEO of SONAR Group says that Moov Money customers will be able to “save seriously at their own pace, pay the premiums of all SONAR-VIE insurance policies, receive the benefit policy in the Moov Money account and see all the features of their policies SONAR-VIE insurance.

How to subscribe?

To subscribe, the customer must dial * 555 * 3 * 2 * 1 * 1 * 2 #. Then, he can choose the periodicity of the contribution, fill in the contribution period and then validate by typing his secret code. A validation message will be sent. To subscribe to the option Death + Total and irreversible loss of autonomy (PTIA), the user must send to (00226) 01 24 31 31 “contract number + Death guarantee or PTIA” to guarantee a capital of 250,000 CFA francs for relatives against an annual premium of 1,200 CFA francs.

Thomas Zongo, CEO of Groupe SONAR

The benefits to the subscriber

In the presentation, Sié Alain Kambiré, commercial and marketing director of Groupe SONAR is touched by the benefits of the new product. According to SONAR FREE INVEST, it offers a double remuneration of the totality of the net contribution of the entrance fee at the minimum rate of 2.5% per year, increased by at least 85% of the finance benefits and by 90% SONAR-VIE’s technical benefits.

Then, the customer benefits at any time from the fruits of his contract by requesting a partial or total redemption or by contracting a repayable advance with interest and application fees.

Alain Kambiré of the SONAR Group during the product presentation

Finally, at the request of the fifth year, he receives the capital in the form of an annuity and guarantees a survival capital for his family in addition to the savings constituted through the option Death + Total and Irreversible Loss of Autonomy.

“The product is safe”

In a speech, Model Africa Burkina’s CEO, Abdelillah Elaydi, said that the partnership between Moov Africa and the SONAR Group between the cadres life insurance in Burkina Faso and offers millions of Moov Money users privileged and easy access to the SONAR FREE INVEST product ”.

He reassured that the product is secure from end to end. “Moov Money, as an electronic money channel, is a secure system. So, all the transactions that go through Moov Money benefit from the same level of security for other services “, said Abdelillah Elaydi.

Moov Africa Burkina CEO EL AYDI Abdelillah reassured customers about product safety and care

According to him, the mobile phone company plays a leading role in the digitization process during Burkina Faso. “This involves making the Internet available to the general public with very high-speed internet connection solutions at affordable prices, not to mention the development of Moov Money, which is now the cheapest electronic payment solution. , the fastest and safest on the market, ”said Moov Africa Burkina CEO.

An income

In order to get Burkinabè to adopt the product, SONAR prévoit is sending several advisers to promote the product. Two hundred councilors will be mobilized to support the three hundred councilors already in place to threaten the populations to subscribe to the product. As prospects, SONAR FREE INVEST’s clients have hired a contractor ready to match the savings made with the partner financial institutions.


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