Lilian Douchet eliminated from Top Chef

Lilian was eliminated by Top Chef after three weeks of competition. Find out the reasons for his departure.

[Mis à jour le 11 mai 2022 à 23h27] After giving up for personal reasons, you may have entered the competition, Lilian was defined as eliminated by Top Chef on Wednesday, May 11th.

Yet the candidate did not make a real mistake. During the Rasmus Munk test, the young chef imagined a dish representing charred lungs because of the cigarette, which impressed the chef – but not enough to qualify him. Dominique Crenn was also blown away by her plate around seafood, to the point of wanting to be inspired by her recipe. Unfortunately his buckwheat tile, which lacked cooking, removed him from qualifying. Finally, at the last chance, Lilian produced a very nice plate around the pear but was narrowly beaten by Sébastien. Find out at candidate biography, who opens a restaurant in Bordeaux and another restaurant in Paris.

What is Lilian Douchet’s journey?

After graduating with a degree in cooking from the Lycée des Métiers, Gué à Tresmes in Seine-et-Marne, Lilian Douchet learned about the experience in the most prestigious restaurants in France. The young man began as an apprentice at theAuberge de la Brie before working on The Champagne Plate, a three-star restaurant on the Reims side. Lilian Douchet then officiated at Paloma, formerly double-starred in Mougins, then at The Fishermen in Antines, before returning to Paris. Back in the capital, the young chef was deputy chef for the restaurant La Truffièrebefore spending several years at the prestigious Four Seasons George V.

Where is your restaurant?

Lilian Douchet announced in parallel with her participation in the show Top Chef, which will open a restaurant in Bordeaux this May 2022. The establishment, named Lil’Home, is located at 29 quai des Chartrons.

From the experience in the big houses, Lilian Douchet proposes a gastronomic and refined cuisine, in which the product occupies a central place. In Top Chef Season 13, the candidate should discover the talents and mastery technique.

Did you find Lilian Douchet’s Instagram page?

On Instagram, Lilian Douchet posted numerous paid photos and they were not used to share her coups de coeur chez les plus grands chefs de France. Lately, the young cook has had the chance to dine at Mirazur de Mauro Colagreco, au Grand Restaurant by Jean-François Piège or at Golden Goat. There is no doubt that Lilian Douchet shared the photos of her own plates when she opened the premier restaurant.

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