Limoux: Tom, a six-month-old disabled puppy in need of care

Born in the wild, of a mother hunting bitch wandering in the hills of Limoux, Tom, a 6-month-old puppy, was saved from certain death by the Limousin association “A cat without you”.

The animal suffers from a malformation of the spine that paralyzes its hind legs and has so far prevented its adoption.

Despite a gloomy initial prognosis, this dog, a “desire to live and veterinary osteopathy care allowed him to walk, run and not fall”. Even if he does not suffer and shows a very playful and sociable character, he needs care “Every three weeks, representing € 70 each time”.

Association fees, plus surgery when Tom has finished growing. The association Un chat sans toit, therefore calls for the generosity of everyone to come to the aid of this puppy.

Donations: Association Un chat sans toi, 24 subdivision les hauts de Pomas, 11250 Pomas. Goal. : 06 26 80 36 22 or by email: [email protected]

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