L’OL et Cherki had no rendezvous

What is not a secret for the person, the future of Rayan Cherki is a priority for Olympique Lyonnais. Saturday night against Inter (2-2), the 18-year-old made a good return and made a strong impression. De quoi encore to encourage rhodaniens conductors to accelerate discussions. Contrary to certain information appearing in the press, from a Lyonnais source, no rendezvous has been scheduled ce lundi pour boucler une quelconque prolongation.

The suite after this advertisement

Le club lyonnais croit beaucoup en sa pépite. Les négotiations, entamées from multiple months, are unfolding in a constructive manner and portent essentially sur le projet sportif. The new owner John Textor, very interested in capitalizing on the young players trained in the Académie, is also favorable around the negotiations. Affair à suivre.

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