Lorena. Drugged with heroin, without a license and without insurance at rush hour on the A31

The driver was driving drugged and unlicensed in rush hour on the A31. (© Illustration / Wikimedia Commons)

“A potential killer.” It is difficult to do worse on the scale of traffic offenders. ”

This is how a representative of the Metz (Moselle) prosecutor’s office described a driver of the A31 who was arrested by the CRS after multiplying driving offenses in the middle of rush hour.

“A potential killer”

The man was arrested on October 12 on the busiest road in the region shortly before 6pm in the Moselle. Originally from Meuse, he is 36 years old and works in the transport sector. He is already well known in the judiciary as he has nine criminal records, he said The Lorraine Republican.

The motorist who was tried this week in the Metz Correctional Court was positive for heroin, was driving without a driver’s license and his vehicle was not insured.

He had admitted to buying heroin from Nancy, a drug he was able to hand over to police officers during his arrest. The CRS decided to intercept him for a turn signal fault while he was overtaking another car.

Already convicted of driving under the influence of drugs

The 30-year-old was a repeat offender since he had already received a license suspension for driving drugs. An offense he repeated three times.

The court sentenced Lorraine to one year in prison, including six months probation for two years. He was incarcerated at the end of the hearing.

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