Lot-et-Garonne: discover the nomadic anti-waste kitchen of Hélo in Saint-Aubin

Héloïse, Aubinoise known and appreciated locally, and in Monflanquinois, has been convinced (like many people) for many years of the need to “sort waste”, “not to waste”; and this awareness made her decide to deepen the issue by starting to cook vegetables, fruits, cheese… that the customer does not want to buy because ugly, too ripe, and what the naked trader can put to the sale because “not meeting the standards” (size, biscorn shape…).

And so here is Helo, who for some time now, according to an agreement with producers and traders, has been “inheriting” regularly and randomly unsold! The question then arises as to their fate: soup, main course, jam, jam, quiche pie…? So much so that the customer she meets in various markets does not know what she will find that day on the Helo stall! The clientele is “first” cautious and then as soon as they have tasted one of these preparations, they return with pleasure and delicacy! He also provides a vegetarian catering service, full plates on request and his presence for the family and village festivities in the area is very much appreciated.

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