Louise Bourrat and a bold kitchen declared Top Chef 2022!

Tonight, the candidates were to perform a three-course menu for 80 Red Cross volunteers and their famous ambassador, Adriana Karembeu, at the sumptuous Palace Georges V in Paris. A complex and stressful challenge that Arnaud and Louise managed at the top. To make their menus, the two finalists were assisted by the old candidates, as well as the four brigade chefs.

When preparing:

The ordeal was particularly stressful for Louise, who is not at all used to serving so many cutlery at once. Yet she has managed to stay calm and manage her menu masterfully.
Louise opted for a fusion menu, with Japanese notes, from starter to dessert. With bold flavors and blends, Louise relied on originality and personality in her dishes. She was able to bounce back and listen to the chefs, in order to offer modern and gourmet plates, marked by her creativity that led her to the end.
With these bold flavors, Louise comes at a huge price risk throughout the event, especially with the oysters in her dish, an ingredient that not everyone likes. Louise decided to reproduce the desert of her qualification to Top Chef, which allowed her to join Hélène Darroze’s brigade: a black garlic ice cream and a white chocolate mousse infused with vegetable mousse. A very risky bet because these flavors are not common. “It happens or it breaks”says Louise.

For the Belgian candidate, this test sounded like a mere formality. Arnaud Delvenne, the head of a hotel complex, is used to big services. He says it himself: “80 seats, it’s a little banquet.”
To seduce his guests of the day, Arnaud went to a typically Belgian menu, a cuisine of sentiment, gourmet, with the touch of originality that is known to him.
In a true manager, he is supervised by the team with a lot of goodwill and trust. With his menu full of memories, the Belgian candidate wanted to pay tribute to his mother. True to himself and his pay, Arnaud put all his heart and love for Belgium on his plates.
During the event, the Liège man made risky bets. For his entry, Arnaud resorted to an ingredient that earned him a few adventures during his adventure: the mold. And the final did not spare him! He also worried the chefs about embarking on preparations he had never tested before. Partid in a total improvisation for his dessert, however Arnaud remained serene and positive. His brigade remained silent and did not let go of anything during the menu to get out of the plates worthy of a Top Chef final.


Each guest has the power to change the fate of the candidates. He has 10 points to return between Arnaud and Louise. The candidate who gets the most points postpones the final.
The entries are welcomed for their originality. On the side of both the chefs and the guests, opinions are tight and Arnaud and Louise are fighting side by side.
The image of this finale will certainly remain the dressage of Louise’s dish; overwhelmed by stress and caught up in time, the candidate of the Darroze brigade was able to count on Arnaud’s help to finish her plates. For a few minutes, the two candidates forgot about the competition to help each other.

The dishes of the two candidates were greeted by beautiful critics. The games are very tight because the preparations of both seduce the guests. Everything will be played on the desert.
After a little push at the time of Louise’s black garlic ice cream dressing, the last plates of this 2022 edition of Top Chef are sent.
Desserts are much appreciated by chefs and those who live together, have no opinion on the tastes proposed by Louise. The votes are going to be very tight.


Hélène Darroze: 3 for Arnaud and 7 for Louise
Philippe Etchebest: 4 for Arnaud and 6 for Louise
Paul Perret: 4 for Arnaud and 6 for Louise
Glenn Viel: 4 for Arnaud and 6 for Louise

La victoire j’ai jouée à pas grand chose more with 56.19% for Louise against 43.81% for Arnaud, she is the young woman who took this 13th season of Top Chef!

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