Luko Insurance launches Luko Water, a case capable of preventing water damage

There are many solutions on the market for anticipating and preventing risks, but they have all the potential for failure. Thus, some methods are inexpensive, but also inefficient in terms of results. Others are more limited: for example, if they are able to determine flooding on the ground, for example, they are less effective when it comes to hidden leaks in walled pipes, for example. Finally, there are complete solutions that bring a higher level of diagnosis, many of the latter are obviously much more expensive and require the intervention of a professional plumber.

Apa Luke It therefore brings a welcome alternative: reliable and efficient technology to prevent maximum water damage, all at a controlled cost.

Today, the solution Apa Luke evaluated by more than 200 beta testers, home insurance ensures that the latest prototype is close to the final goal, with two more major issues: machine learning, to potentially improve leak detection, and finally the simplification of the installation of the device to make it accessible to as many people as possible.

After raising 20 million euros in November 2019, and 50 million euros in December 2020, the idea of ​​launching Apa Luke on a large scale in 2023, including equipping all Luko policyholders in the coming years (approximately 300,000 people in France).

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