MAF departmental final Cold cuisine and Art of the table and of the Service l’cole htelire de Manosque

Candidates, the jury Final departmental final of the MAF Cold Cuisine and Table Art and Service

It’s been several months Valentin, Wolf et louis prepare for the competition, one of the best apprentices in France. It all started last November, when M. Malissard et M. Josserand, responsible for the 04/05 antenna of the MAF competition, came to present the competition to the students of the school. It didn’t take long to convince the three youngsters from Martin Bret High School.

Wanting to compete is not easy. In fact, it requires a lot of motivation and staff investment. Despite the workload for their exams, Valentin, Loup and Ludovic did not give up.

Their desire was so great that the other students in the class wanted to help them run the competition. Modules were added on Wednesday to better prepare these young people.

After several months of effort, a visit to the Meurice Paris, the results are there on Friday 1er April was the final of the department in high school. Many professional jurors (Eric SapetLa Petite Maison Cucuron, 1 canvas, Frdric Payan, Valentin HerbetValsainte Abbey, as well as MOFs (Franck Josserand, Olivier Novelli) were present to evaluate all the students. At the end of this day, the results fell:

Wolf won the MAF Bronze MAF Kitchen Cold Departmental Medal.

Ludovic won the MAF Bronze MAF Art of Table and Service Departmental Medal

Valentin won the MAF Gold Table Art and Service Departmental Medal and also the MAF Silver Art Table and Service Regional Medal.

To end the day, a cocktail party was organized to show all the participants.

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