Magnolia launches new contract without health questionnaire, an online real estate loan insurance broker, announces the launch of its first borrower insurance contract without a health questionnaire. A new contract that is part of the application of the Lemoine Law, which comes into force on June 1. launches its Speedone offer, its first 100% online loan agreement without a health questionnaire. What new contract has been registered under the new Lemoine law vote on February 28 and which will enter into force from June 1st for new contracts.

As a reminder, this law, which reforms borrower insurance, provides only for loans up to 200000euro per installment (therefore 400,000 euros for a couple), the bare medical questionnaire will be more mandatory if the loan is repaid before the borrower’s 60th birthday.

A contract without a health questionnaire

The new contract proposed by therefore gives the possibility to all borrowers, whose insurance loan does not exceed 200000euros, to be able to cover their real estate loan without going through the health questionnaire box and all this while benefiting from a very high rate. competitive. A great promise, when the end of the health questionnaire could just force insurers to increase their rates.

save up to 50% on your borrower insurance

As a leader in Internet Prt Assurance distribution and a pioneer of Insurtech, we have mobilized’s Product, Tech and Marketing teams in recent weeks with the aim of proposing an innovative, end-to-end digital offer. Olivier Le Gallo, CEO of the Group, said in a press release.

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