Marcelo ruled out for farts, clash with Ponsot … Crazy revelations about Juninho!

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This is a very complicated season that is coming to an end for OL, which is irregular throughout the league, which should materialize, if not miraculously, by a place in the soft belly of Ligue 1. In its edition of the day, the Team over the course of the season, with lots of crisp details, including Juninho’s management. The opportunity to learn that the Brazilian sporting director had applied to sit on the OL bench after the departure of Rudi Garcia. But due to lack of diplomas, the case could not be concluded.

Aulas apologized, never came

So Juninho remained the leader, having to deal with thorny cases. Especially that of Marcelo, the Brazilian defender today at Girondins but first ruled out at OL at the beginning of the season and then released. And the daily reveals the crazy reason for his dismissal for misconduct after the defeat against Angers (0-3) on August 15. “The Brazilian has flatulence in the locker room, laughing with others, and Juninho, who is not particularly close to Marcelo, is coming out of his hinges.”

Marcelo shrugged off, but also strained relations with Vincent Ponsot, the right arm of Jean-Michel Aulas. That was the reality of Juninho’s daily life. “I don’t like you, and neither do you, but we have to work together,” the Brazilian told the Lyon leader during a three-way meeting with Jean-Michel Aulas. Which never got the apology requested by mail the next day. Atmosphere …

Pour your resume

In today’s edition, the team looks back at the terrible season that OL went through. With especially crisp revelations. Especially on the passage of Juninho with whom the transplant never really took.

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