Married at first glance – “Problems start”, “She’s going to file for divorce”: Alicia loses her chat and Twitter goes crazy

Olympia, Alicia’s cat, has disappeared from Bruno’s apartment. Alicia panics and they go looking for him.

This Monday, May 9, we find the different couples in Married at a glance. During this episode, zoom in on the beginnings of Alicia and Bruno’s married life, who fell in love. Alicia brings her cat home to Bruno when she comes home. But the bride’s feline disappeared and Twitter laughed.

They became totally addicted to each other. We find this Monday, May 9, the newlyweds Alicia and Bruno, who recently said yes to Gilbraltar in Married at First Sight. While other couples have a much harder time apprehending each other, it’s obvious to both of them. The wedding and the moon are a success and now, the lovers find themselves discovering the apartment of one and then the other. It’s up to Alicia to come to Bruno and then the other way around. The young woman, very attached to her cat, decides to take him back to her husband. But as she takes a shower at Bruno’s house, he opens the windows to ventilate, as usual, but forgets that the cat may go out and get lost.

A reason to break up?

Leaving the shower, Alicia quickly realizes that the window is open and that her cat is gone. She immediately informs Bruno and quickly, the couple starts looking for Olympus. They are already activating by looking inside, but first, Bruno quietly opens his closet to look for a t-shirt, while Alicia is still in a bath towel to look under the furniture. Finding nothing inside, they both run outside in search of the runaway cat. The young woman, completely panicked, blames Bruno for blaming him for opening the window. On the Twitter side, Internet users are beginning to speculate and make fun of the situation.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. In the next episode, in addition to knowing if the cat will be found, we will also see the return of Bruno’s sister, Carine. The young woman made him talk about her because of her possessiveness towards her brother.

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