Massive arrival of tiger mosquitoes in France: how to protect yourself from them?

Yasmina Kattou, edited by Solène Leroux

06:59, May 10, 2022

The majority of French departments are on red alert for tiger mosquitoes. On May 1, health authorities issued an alert about the proliferation of this mosquito throughout France. So it is already present, but the high temperatures of the next few days will accentuate its presence.

Tiger mosquito alert! Most French departments are on red alert, according to the Vigilance moustiques website. As early as May 1, the health authorities issued an alert regarding its proliferation throughout France. The tiger mosquito is already present in the territory, but its existence should be even more important in the coming days due to rising temperatures. Tower grows, mosquito larvae need moisture, especially heat. With the expected summer temperatures in the coming days, for example 32 ° C in Bordeaux, “les moustiques-tigres will proliferate”, warns Stéphane Rober.

“A heat wave immediately leads to a phenomenon of multiplication and proliferation,” explains the president of the site Vigilance moustiques. “It is normally said that a tiger mosquito takes ten days to transform from a larva into an adult mosquito if it is 23 ° C during the day and 15 ° C at night,” he continued. “When it’s 30 degrees a day, it’s ten more days, it’s six / seven days! It’s much faster,” said Stéphane Rober.

Icaridine, the best repellent

To cope with the arrival of tiger mosquitoes, it is better to have a good repellent. And they are not all worth it, says the specialist, according to whom it is better to prefer icaridine: “It is the asset that has the best efficacy / safety ratio,” confirms the president of the site Mosquito Vigilance.

In addition to the repellent, it is recommended to wear loose clothing covering the arms and legs. In cases of symptoms of fever, it is imperative to consult a doctor.

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