Masters training in insurance

You have training Bac + 3 (license or license), in particular in the field of financefrom bank and des insurance and do you want to go to the insurance industry? Put your course in the third cycle of specialization is the key to become a high level manager in a highly evolving sector, rich in strategic issues and extremely promising.

Selective curricula of a very diverse nature

Masters, MS, MSc, MBA or professional qualifications with bac + 5 or 6: so many complementary courses to a first technical course (commercial, legal, economic, medical, scientific, etc.) with a minimum of level bac + 3. Courses offered by both specialized colleges and universities.

Master’s courses in insurance prepare for all trades in the sector, whether in the design, management, underwriting or marketing. There are two master’s degrees: insurance law et MBFA (currency – bank – finance – insurance), each of which can offer different types of courses. In a year or two, these professionalizing courses, often very selective, made it possible to obtain one bachelor’s degree +5 and a RNCP level 7 degree. They train future managers and managers of insurance companies, who are often large groups with an international dimension (AXA, CNP Assurances, Covéa – MAAF, MMA, GMF – BNP Paribas Cardif…).

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Why do a Master’s degree in insurance?

Classic or alternating initial training

These channels are accessible as part of a initial format. Students and the approach to the subject, as well as the various regulations, techniques and products of insurance, audit financing, damage and liability insurance, insurance of persons and financial placement, economic and economic policy, financial diagnosis or sales techniques . They will follow it too several weeks of field training. A note about most of these parks are available alternately, through the professionalization or learning contract.

The orientation show not to be missed

We give you an appointment on the Studyrama training and insurance trades virtual exhibition to find the formation of your dreams!
You will meet experts, professionals and young graduates to discuss your future career. It is a unique opportunity to discover the many professions that exist (actuary, courtier, insurance advisor, risk manager …) and to ask questions at e-conferences.

Do a Master’s degree in insurance at the University

Universities have been opened by many masters offering a specialization in assurance, for two years of study. The IAEs (Instituts d’accministration des empresas), sorts d’écoles de management universitaires, are often at the forefront of this training offer. These include the MBFA master’s degrees from the IAE in Amiens, Marne-la-Vallée or Nantes, as well as the master’s degree in banking and insurance from the IAE in Pau.

You can also go through one LMD course (bachelor’s degree) classical. The University of Poitiers thus proposes a Master in Insurance Law, pour les estudiants is destined for a career as a lawyer in the sector. On the menu: knowledge of the insured environment, master’s degree in law applicable to the activity, management of claims and litigation files… Even chose at the University of La Rochelle. Other universities, such as Toulouse Capitole, offer an MBFA master’s degree.

Do a Master in Insurance in a specialized school

The French business schools are not actually present, specifically, on the market of the 3rd cycles in insurance. In order to access the employment functions in the sector, the royal route lies in the curricula offered by the specialized schools. Courses combining high-level theoretical teaching and practicing professionals, broken with the latest market trends. These curricula are, moreover, all accessible alternately. A Paris, meIFPASS (Institute for the Training of the Insurance Profession) offers two MBFA Master’s courses: Risk Management and Insurance Innovation and Professional Client Advisor. You can also see yourself at the forefront of insurance via the MBFA masters of the CFPB (Ecole superérieure de la banque).

Masters more focused on insurance management

Certain high schools specialize in insurance proposed by 3rd cycles in insurance management. This is the case, for example, of ESA (Ecole Supérieure d’Assurances), which, in partnership with the Vidal school, has set up a Master’s degree in insurance in Toulouse. A two-year course, articulated around the notion of project and ending with the defense of a professional thesis. Same course title for Without schoolSchool of Real Estate, Banking, Insurance and Human Resources in Mérignac.

The IFPASS (Institute for the Training of the Insurance Profession) proposes a Master Manager in Insurance as well as a supply chain Development and subscription manager (RNCP level 7 “Entrepreneurial Leader” title issued by ESAM, a management school). As for the Master Management of InsuranceENASS (Ecole nationale de l’assurance), a brand of the CNAM, it recruits students under the age of 30 with a baccalaureate + 3 or in a competition for competition.
ESA also proposes a MBA en Remote Risk Managementa vocational training at bac +6 level aimed at active participants, eager to gain skills in their career path.

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