Mauritania: health insurance for a million huit cents mille citoyens à l’horizon 2024

The Mauritanian health minister Moctar O. Dahi declared that the Mauritanian government envisages bringing the number of citizens benefiting from health insurance to 1,800,000 in 2024.

The minister speaking at the weekly press conference of the government on Wednesday, stated that the current number of insured persons is 1,200,000 instead of 600,000, and confirmed that the state, in the framework of the engagements of the president from république, Mohamed O. Cheikh El Ghazouani, et les engagements internationaux du pays, prévoite de prendre des mesures to ensure the largest possible number of citizens.

The minister added that it was decided to create a fund for voluntary insurance that would have to insure 500,000 people, revealing the existence of indicators regarding the improvement of medical services.

Il a précisée que les malades evacués à l’étranger achevaient, en 24 heures, leurs formalités et que les remboursements, pour les assureurs au niveau des hôpitaux nationaux, no more than a week before adding the health services. improve.

Le conseil des ministres, lors de la meeting mercredi avait adopted an important draft decree to create the organization and operation of a public establishment with an administrative character called center national des Opérations d’urgence en santé publique.

When the center was created, it was included in the framework of Mauritania’s obligations vis-à-vis au Règlement Sanitaire International (RSI), adopted by the 58th World Health Assembly in 2005 and in application from June 2007.

This creation is justified, on the one hand, par les leçons apprises des differentes urgences, especially in the COVID-19 pandemic and d’autre part par le necessitat de pallier l’absence d’une structure de coordination et de gestion des urgences de santé publique, which was found during previous epidemics and which showed the limits of the capacities of the countries for early detection, planning and coordinated response face aux urgens.

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