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In a previous article, I had the pleasure of taking you to the kitchens of the “Ristorante Italiano da Pietro”, an address near the Place Saint-Thomas. There, pizza is not king: it is rather fish, shellfish and seafood that are highlighted in dishes with a still licked aesthetic. But there is another thing that makes this restaurant so special: the family that runs it. One year after our first meeting, this one has a lot of news to share with us.

Da Pietro, with its real name “Ristorante Italiano da Pietro”, is a small family restaurant not quite like the others. Opened in June 2021, it has become the rendezvous of those who love Italian cuisine away from the classic pizzas, gnocchi and other aranchini. Here, Chef Pietro and Chef Silvana offer a cuisine focused on both the freshness of seafood and the love of Sicilian pastry. A pretty wedding that flies. With their son Danilo, who controls the room, they offer dishes that mix authenticity, tradition and creativity. and that make us feel at home.

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Pietro et Silvana: a meeting with Top Chef

An Italian by birth, Pietro is one of those nomadic cooks who has traveled the world to officiate in the kitchens of many restaurants. Before joining the hotel school at the age of 18, he had already made a name for himself in the world of catering, at home in Bari, a small coastal town in southeastern Italy, which he calls ” my pay ». Cooking was the only thing he wanted to do, and that’s the only thing he always did.

He and Silvana met at a cooking contest. He was there to prepare the small half plates, he was there to report the title of best pastry. He finished first in his category and so did she, so it must have made a connection: the two cooks never left each other. After the competition, it was Madame, who lived in Sicily, who went to join Pietro in Rome while working in the kitchens of a restaurant. Both of them stayed in the Italian capital for 5 years before running in Belgium.

But the coldness of the country (Pietro says so) quickly drove them away. So they packed up for Strasbourg, a city Pietro knew well. It was here, in the middle of nowhere, that he and Silvana decided to buy the old Croque Bedaine to set up their very first shared restaurant.

Exceptional products for a kitchen full of personality

Work with fresh produce every day such as shellfish, fish or exceptional shellfish, while maintaining consistent quality : this is one of Pietro’s fights whose restaurant is open at noon and in the evening. This is what he is most proud of, as he himself says: “I’ve been offering the same freshness for a year now, and that’s what customers prefer.” I can make frozen, everyone does it, and it can cost me three times less, but I prefer to work fresh even if it’s a lot of extra work, but that’s how it is. Look (he shows me the knives that have just been delivered) they are still alive! »

White cloth tablecloths and towels, original crockery: you may not pay attention to these little details, but for Pietro and Silvana, this is paramount. In the restaurants where he has worked, the chef has always put hospitality and comfort at the center of his attention to receive customers properly, without fuss, but with hospitality. Besides, don’t try to find the same plates twice: Pietro and Silvana have fun changing their dishes, presentations and color schemes according to their days and moods. We live a little at their own pace and this is also what makes the charm of this house so special to which we must admit, we are very attached.

Small and large +

  • ¨ It’s a fresh fish spot like there are few
  • We eat fresh homemade pasta
  • It is an air-conditioned interior room, but also a shady and calm terrace, with almost no passage
  • At noon, the combo starter + main course + dessert east is € 19.50

Italian restaurant by Pietro

3 Rue du Puits
67000 Strasbourg
The restaurant site
The rest of the Facebook page

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