Mercato / Ligue 1: Is Neymar still part of the PSG project?

Nasser Al-Khelaïfi had many things on Tuesday in the Parisian columns. The PSG president did not choose to handle the wooden tongue. With one exception. On the Neymar case, “NAK” more or less kicked in touch. “These issues will not be raised in the mediahe retorted as he spoke out on the Brazilian’s place in the new project wanted by the capital’s club. Some will come and others will be private negotiations“In order to maintain the ambiguity over Neymar’s future, Al-Khelaïfi could hardly find a better speech. And it is not the Brazilian’s automatic extension that is turning the tide.

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The words of the Parisian president confirm a trend that has begun in recent months. Neymar is no longer the leading figure in the project he has been since he joined the club in 2017. Kylian Mbappé took this suit from him. This is not from yesterday. And the extension of the contract from the star des Bleus missed the advances from Real Madrid and ended up at the head of the undisputed gondola of the Parisian club for the years to come. Paris made feet and hands… and even more than that to keep the old Monegasque. He is, at first glance, much less attached to Neymar.

An image question, more …

Rumors of his departure have already surfaced before Al-Khelaïfi’s icy speech about the Brazilian. It has been rumored for several months that the Parisian management has been willing to study possible offers for the old Barcelona, ​​recruited for 222 million euros in 2017. And that Luis Campos, the new strongman of the PSG sports sector, would not retain them not if an acceptable proposal arrived on his desk. Deep down, symbolically, separating from Neymar could be the best way to switch to this new project that should mark the end of the “bling bling“in Paris.

“Galtier is a mini Didier Deschamps”

But it’s not just a matter of image. In terms of sports, Neymar is coming out of his most delicate season at PSG. His inability to make a difference in the first half of the season, his words that showed a certain tiredness in relation to football and his unprecedented impact on the Parisian game already left room for doubt as to his future. Paris. They were reinforced by an umpteenth ankle injury that kept him out of the field for three months between November and February.

A behavior that must be reviewed

Neymar had, however, finished the season. He was already involved in the two but scored by Kylian Mbappé in the double confrontation with Real Madrid in the 8th final of the Champions League, despite the elimination in Paris. Above all, he had regained influence and statistics that were finally closer to his standards from the spring, with 10 goals and 3 assists on his last 12 outings in Ligue 1. Even then, during this period, the Brazilian had signaled by his indiscipline by collecting 8 yellow cards.

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This is a recurring problem for Neymar. Beyond his multiple injuries that have largely sealed his five years at PSG, a tendency to “uncouple” in the face of provocation is a flaw, that his opponents never hesitate to exploit. In this, he sometimes threatens the balance of the Parisian collective more by his attitude than he enhances it by his talent. It is this kind of behavior that the management of the capital club no longer wants to see. “It needs to be changed to avoid injuries, suspensions and lack of font tipping a matchAl-Khelaïfi insisted that if he wanted to target Neymar, the PSG president could not have done better.

Potential, one of PSG’s best assets

Precisely. “NAK” parishes can also be a warning for the Brazilian. A kind of dire au numero 10 du PSG, which must change its attitude in order to join the new direction of the Paris project. A lever to press to push Neymar to take responsibility and become, finally, the one that Paris saw as the right player to make his dream come true. The auriverde international is not on another wavelength. “I would give my life for the Champions League trophy to be in Parishe declared last February.

The strategy would not make sense. Already because Neymar will find it difficult to find a buyer given his salary and the duration of his contract until 2025. Also, above all, because he remains potentially one of the best assets of PSG. Few players have the creativity and ability to make a difference. The quality of the connection sessions in the game with Leo Messi and Kylian Mbappé is no more to prove. The unprecedented detachment of the capital club from him may also put pressure on him to finally get the most out of him. It would be the weather.

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