Mercato – PSG – Pérez misdigests Mbappé’s failure: “If a kid is summoned by the President of the Republic …”

On the set of Chiringuito, he celebrated the Spanish show TALK dedicated to football, on the night of Wednesday to Thursday, Florentino Pérez showed all the bitterness left in his mouth by the failure of the transfer of Kylian Mbappé to Madrid. If the Parisian star extended for PSG, it would be mainly because “They (PSG) had practically offered him the leadership, not only of a football team, but also of management. There we saw that it was not the Mbappé we wanted to bring, that under the pressure he had changed his dreams“.


Pérez: “This Mbappé is not my Mbappé”


And the Madrid president was far from finished emptying his bag: “If a kid is summoned by the President of the Republic, of course it touches him. (…) I think the pressure that has affected him the most is politics. That, plus the money and sports leadership, made him change his mind. (…) I can’t imagine the King of Spain calling a player. “

“With Chukameni, Real are winning their youth bet”

And under these conditions, Perez assured that he was no longer interested in attracting the Frenchman to the White House: “This Mbappé is not my Mbappé. (…) The Madridistas will be disappointed, but the Mbappé who wanted to come to Real Madrid was not this Mbappé. (…) I added it in a message and I wished him good luck. But at that time, we were no longer interested.“However, his gates will always be open and never one day l’attaquant des Bleus”understands what Real Madrid is and that person is no bigger than the others“.

Zidane, Ramos, the state clubs … Pérez did not leave PSG

Although he assured that PSG is not an enemy, one could in doubt, given the content of the remarks, Florentino Perez commented at length on football news concerning directly, or indirectly, the capital club. Not to mention a nice slipped tackle beforehand: “State clubs have a problem that we need to solveNot an enemy, you say?

“Attracting Zidane would have already weakened Campos’ authority”

In the midst of this ocean of bitterness, what could be worse for President Pérez than to see Zinedine Zidane, a symbol of his mandate since he brought him in as a player and then a coach, settle on the Parisian bench. A scenario that I don’t really believe in: “I don’t know (if he signed for PSG, ed.), but he has always been a man for Real Madrid and the French teama Perez soul. That’s what I know about him.

Finally, the last thorn in the heart of the Madrid leader, the departure of Sergio Ramos is a year to go sign in … Paris. “Over time, everyone agreed. He did what he thought he should do at the time“Perez regretted it.

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