Michel Guérard, the memory of French cuisine

Michel Guérard, memoir of French cuisine, a book published by Editions Albin Michel. In the book, everything is true but everything sounds like a novel. We start with the childhood of a village kid, who grows up in the shadow of the family butcher shop, in a time troubled by war and a certain poverty. He is followed in his apprenticeship, at the age of 16 in pastry. And then very quickly, it was Paris and an original career in the lido cabaret before setting up his first pot-au-feu affair. In this popular neighborhood bistro, he first cooks for the workers, the little thugs before being distinguished by a renowned culinary critic who will attract a clientele of gourmets. Oh yes! As soon as these first confidants make you want to continue reading this book, a kind of literary indulgence can quickly arise.

Sophie Juby: I’m not talking about the sequel, the meeting with his wife in Reginskaya and their extraordinary journey. Everything is in the book!

The stakes on the page of large illustrations of photographs of the era The delivery contains many illustrations, sketches du chef that come the rhythm I recite them. Michel Guérard, mémoire de la cuisine française, a book published by Editions Albin Michel at a price of 22 euros, in all the good bookshops in Gironde. Michel Guérard is the owner of the hotel-restaurant Les Prés d’Eugénie in Eugénie-les-Bains, a three-star Michelin guide since 1977. Michel Guérard is considered one of the founders of the “new kitchen”.

Les Près d’Eugénie insoleillés chez Michel Guérard © Radio France

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Sophie Juby, author of the blog Le Meilleur de Bordeaux
Sophie Juby, author of the blog Le Meilleur de Bordeaux

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