Millau. An Italian cuisine stage with Myriade

MWednesday, June 8, Rosalinda will host a cooking course in her country: head to Italy! She will offer you to learn how to cook the real lasagna of Sicily, with a stew made from beef, pork, potatoes, celery, red wine, and of course Parmesan cheese!

For dessert, you will discover the lemon Granita recipe, a nice way to end this meal with a refreshing and sweet touch.

« And after long months of not being able to eat together, at noon we will share the prepared meal the same morning Myriad organizers are delighted.

How does it work? By registration only (09 64 36 22 03), go to the Passerelle at 9 am (14, rue Saint-Antoine in Millau). Price: 10 € / per person.

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