Missing in the Landes, Didier was found except in Tarbes with his little dog

Didier S. was found except in Tarbes. Her disappearance from the Landes in a wheelchair with her little dog had been described as disturbing by the gendarmes who had called. A reader of La Dépêche du Midi identified him and found him.

Didier S., whose disappearance was described as disturbing by the gendarmes for several days, was found near the Pont de la Marne in Tarbes.

As Lionel, the lifeguard of the day, was quietly reading on the terrace of the Adour restaurant bar the search notice that appeared in our columns on Saturday morning, he looked up and saw that in front of him was circulating on the sidewalk a seemingly tired gentleman in a wheelchair.

Competition of circumstances

A contest of circumstances that startled Lionel. I stopped Didier and started the conversation.
Francis, the owner of the restaurant, and Nico, who served the morning coffee, immediately alerted law enforcement, who kindly picked up the missing person.
A little tired though, Didier, who was staying with a host family, detailed his journey from the Landes.
With his little dog and in his wheelchair he made the journey to Tarbes by bus.
The gendarmerie published an interview notice of disappearance on social networks broadcast through the newspapers of the Dépêche group.
In the end, this disappearance ends well thanks to Lionel who made a saving gesture with Didier Care who will find a calmer life.

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