Monkeypox: Why is it so difficult for health authorities to detect contact cases?

the main thing
In a report released on Friday, the British health authorities said they were experiencing real difficulties at this time in identifying contact persons who had been infected with smallpox. In France, 91 cases have been detected so far.

The World Health Organization had warned: “The risk of the monkeypox virus spreading to non-endemic countries is real,” the agency’s director-general, who invited the various countries in the case, said last week. smallpox contamination had been detected in place of a long-term surveillance device.

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Yes, but here’s the thing: This tracking job is particularly complex for health authorities. Proof from our neighbors across the English Channel. The UK Public Health Agency (UKHSA) confirms that it has great difficulty in finding contact cases. The reason? “In most of the confirmed cases, they reported that I had frequent sexual intercourse with new partners or opportunities,” the British health authorities explained on Friday, June 10th. The UKHSA also confirms that infected people do not necessarily know the contact information of their sexual partner (s). The public agency will thus invite sexual health services, sauna-type institutions and applications for meetings with staff with the authorities.

A difficult one to identify

In England, 320 people were infected with smallpox. Only three women are affected. In addition, 152 infected people who claimed to have sex with men. In France, 91 infections were recorded. „To date, as in other European countries, these cases have occurred mostly, but not exclusively, in men who have sex with men (MSM), without a direct link with people returning from an endemic area, explains Public Health France. The majority of cases report multiple sexual partners. Most of the cases investigated say they could not identify the person who allegedly contaminated them. “

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In the Hexagon, they are widely identified in Ile-de-France: 64 smallpox infections and have been detected. L’Occitanie is the second region most affected by the virus: 10 people have been infected.

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