Mortgage Credit: The New Rules for Borrower Insurance – 20 Hour Journal

No need to wait for the anniversary date of your borrower insurance. To change it, you can do it at any time. This allows for more freedom to compete and save money. This is the case of Jean-Hugues Blanc, owner in Brest. He borrowed 100,000 euros and by changing his insurance, he achieves a substantial saving. On the whole loan, he speaks of a saving of 8,000 euros. The device should allow alternative insurance, which is considered less expensive, to make a place in the 88% dominated market for banks. At the moment, only the new real estate loans signed from June 1, 2022 are concerned. For all the others, we will have to wait until September 1, 2022. Another novelty is that you will no longer have to fill out a medical questionnaire, provided that you borrow less than 200,000 euros and that you have finished repaying before the age of 60. According to spokeswoman Astrid Cousin, this will open up real estate credit to all sick people who could not borrow at all. However, for these contracts, the rates may increase from 15 to 20%. T F1 | Reports F. Chadeau, F. Couturon, T. Friborg.


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