Mr. Cuisine is back for sale

Lild announces the return of its Silvercrest Kitchen Robot for sale! Date of its next sale, where to buy it, at what price and what new features … Here is all the information about the multifunction robot in 2022.

they Lidl robot makes its big comeback in early brand stores June. a multifunction robot who does everything is the dream and that is what the Mr. Smart Kitchen.

The brand’s device Silvercrest reserve full of surprises, starting with his soft price. We take stock of the next sale, where to buy itles promotionsla difference with other multifunction robots like the Thermomix.

When is the next sale of Mr. Cuisine scheduled?

they robot Smart Kitchen Smart arrives in all Lidl stores in France from June 6 and sales will continue until stocks run out. The latest sales were in December 2021 and March 2022. If you want to be the first to know about the return of Mr. Cuisine in the store’s stores, you can register at the Newsletter on the Lidl website.

What is the price of Mr. Smart Kitchen?

The new Mr. Smart Kitchen will be sold at € 429. A little one promotion is possible for customers with the Lidl Plus card. They can benefit from a € 30 discountthe multifunction robot will cost them then € 399.

At the last sales in December 2021, the Mr. Smart Kitchen was priced at € 399. In March 2022, an old model of the Silvercrest multifunction robot was on promotion. Lidl sold Monsieur Cuisine Édition Plus to € 229 instead of € 359. An additional € 30 discount was available for customers with their loyalty card. The robot therefore cost them € 199.

Where can you buy Mr. Smart Kitchen?

As with all Lidl products, Silvercrest’s Smart Kitchen Robot is available for purchase only in 1570 Lidl supermarkets France and within the limit of available stocks. Lidl robots cannot be buy online. It is also not possible to pre-order or both reserver. However, some sites sell the Silvercrest robot on occasion if you don’t feel like waiting for the next sale.

What is Mr. Smart Kitchen?

Mr. Cuisine Smart is the latest version of Mr. Cuisine Connect called Smart. This multifunction robot is with many new features. Like its little brothers, this Lidl robot is a practical everyday accessory for cooking for the whole family and above all an alternative of choice compared to other offers on the market, such as Moulinex’s Cookeo or Thermomix. Its price is still as low as its competitors.

The features of the Monsieur Cuisine robot Smart of Lidl

Mr. Lidl Smart Kitchen has the advantage of replace multiple utensils that you already have in your kitchen and that clutter you up. He can knead, chop, emulsify, steam and even weigh in your place. With its 10 speeds, turbo function and pulse mixing, it will allow you to make delicious recipes, whether it’s pastries or savory dishes. It also has a 600 recipe bookmany accessories such as:

  • A flat + deep steam basket
  • A mixing bowl
  • A baking basket
  • A drummer
  • A spatula
  • A knife
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The novelties of Mr. Smart Kitchen 2022

Mr. Smart Kitchen has new features. they new design of the robot is more compact. The engine is more powerful, 1000 W against the 800 W of the latest model. Lidl added new automatic programs, such as cooking eggs, simmering or cleaning. The big news is there vacuum cooking and the function for Fermentation. The screen as well as the wrist are improved. Recipes are now customizable. You will also be able to be guided step by step with videos, but only on a selection of recipes.

What is the difference between Thermomix and Monsieur Cuisine?

If its price is a big argument, Mr. Cuisine is less powerful than the Thermomix. 1000 W against 1500 W for the Vorwerk robot. That being said, it has a plus great capacity : 3 liters against 2.2 liters for the TM6. Its scale is also less accurate than the Thermomix, which will weigh your food to the nearest gram. Mr. Cuisine, like the Thermomix, has an arsenal of skills: it mixes, chops, emulsifies, kneads and reduces porridge, while weighing and cooking your food. So it’s an entry-level robot that does its job very well.

Where to find Lidl robot recipes?

Mr. Cuisine is present in many homes, but what to cook with? It now exists 600 recipes included in the connected version, books. Lovers of pastry, light cooking, there is something for all tastes and desires. Check out the special recipe books Monsieur Cuisine, Lidl’s star robot.

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