Mr. Smart Kitchen: Lidl’s robot is finally back, don’t miss it!

A must-have and affordable product available at Lidl, Monsieur Cuisine Smart is finally back on the brand’s shelves. Mais is very often a successful victim …

The Monsieur Cuisine Smart multifunctional robot is to return to the Lidl brand! After months of waiting and shortages, this star product, which sells like hot cakes every year, is here. Similar to the famous Thermomix but much cheaper, this robot, ideal for cooking good meals in no time, is the ally of budding and confirmed cooks.

Mr. Smart Kitchen: Lidl unveils its new robot at an unbeatable price

In its new catalog, Lidl unveils Mr. Cuisine Smart, which will be available in all Lidl stores from 6 June. The brand new Lidl brand, known for helping its customers make big savings on a daily basis and to present quality electronic products for sale (often victims of their success), Mr. Smart Kitchen is equipped with a screen 8-inch touchscreen, timer and has more than 300 recipes built into its program.

Wi-Fi is available in this smarter version, which allows you to chop meat, cook eggs, prepare smoothies, cook in a vacuum and even ferment food!

Le Monsieur Cuisine Smart has 10 functions, or a complete palette to help you prepare your family meal. In addition to cooking for you, the robot cleans itself. Presented at a price of 429 euros with a three-year warranty, Monsieur Cuisine Smart benefits from a 30 euro discount with the Lidl + application and costs 399 euros after discounts.

New at Lidl: this brand boost is more than welcome

In addition to this good news that will delight the foodies, the giant of the hard discount announced the introduction of exceptional assistance to its customers, to combat inflation. In May, Michel Biero, Executive Director of Purchasing and Marketing, launched the “Boost” operation, which translates into a 5% reduction of the 50 euro purchase valid on all products of the Lidl brand (Cien for beauty and hygiene, W5 for household products, Envia for dairy products, Ernesto for home…) and renewed every month.

“We needed to give our customers a ‘boost’ to improve their daily lives.” We need a global and easy-to-access device to be able to benefit from each of them, if the products are not needed and without limits of items. Inflation is 3% in stores, as elsewhere. We still keep the best value for money thanks to our model. We distribute 90% of the distribution brands, which the French buy more in this period “, he told them Parisian.

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