Music and cuisine à Pierrel

Last December, a musical and culinary project took place at Marcel-Pierrel College. After several weeks of working on world music, with their music education teacher Ms. Champredonde and 3rd Segpa students (Adapted General and Vocational Education Section), they had the pleasure of presenting their productions to the team. management of the college and their teachers.

First, an instrumental percussion workshop illustrated how the batucada works in Brazil. This was followed by listening to music from that country but also from Portugal, Spain and Ireland in addition to the presentation of presentations by students.

Finally, a Brazilian snack, prepared and served by the students and their teacher of hygiene and food service, Mrs. Compeyron, delighted the gourmands: walnut and chocolate cakes, squeezed orange juice, small chocolates. A very popular breakfast and a pleasant experience for the ears and taste buds!

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