Mysterious childhood hepatitis: The situation worsens after the death of 5 other children in the United States

The United States is worried about the detection of 109 cases of childhood hepatitis of unknown origin, which have killed 5 children in the country.

For several weeks now, the mysterious childhood hepatitis spreads throughout the world. The number of children affected is steadily rising, as is the number of related deaths. However, the diligent research of scientists has not always made it possible to identify the origin of this disease.

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In fact, there would be more than 250 cases listed in the world. Already 4 children, mostly from Indonesia, are deceased of this severe hepatitis.

If the disease originally developed in Europe, the United States of America are now severely affected by this mysterious disease.

The United States says tonight it is investigating 5 deaths and 109 cases of acute hepatitis of unknown origin in children.

According to the latest figures, there were 4 deaths worldwide (including 3 in Indonesia) for 228 probable cases and 50 possible cases.https: //

– Nicolas Berrod (@nicolasberrod) May 6, 2022

The United States is at the center of concern

U.S. health officials say work is underway 109 cases unexplained childhood hepatitis. to almost entirely affected children, more than 90%, must have been hospitalized.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is investigating cases of unexplained hepatitis in children. What should parents know about these cases? How worried should they be and what are the symptoms they should be aware of?

– CNN (@CNN) May 9, 2022

The American Centers for Disease Control and Prevention also said that one about fifteen children had needed one liver transplant pours survival. Of all the American children affected, 5 would be dead.

A growing concern

The increase in the number of cases and deaths is of growing concern. If scientists explaining that complications remain rarelythe mystery about the origin of the disease feeds one growing anxiety within the population.

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The doctor Markus Buchfellnerspecialist des maladies infectieuses pédiatriques at the University of Alabama at Birmingham explained to doctors: “It’s very strange to see a healthy child arrive with the amount of liver damage these children had.”

Joining @PamelaBrownCNN @CNN to talk about unexplained and severe hepatitis in young children. So far, the CDC is investigating 109 cases in the United States. Most of the affected children needed hospitalization. They needed 15 liver transplants. 5 died.https: //

– Leana Wen, MD (@DrLeanaWen) May 6, 2022

however, Dr. Meera ChandDirector of Clinical and Emerging Infections in the UK explained that for parents, the only thing to do was „To be alert to signs of hepatitis – especially the jaunissewhich is easier to spot in the form of a yellow tint in the whites of the eyes – and contact your doctor if you are worried. “

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