Nadal to a set of victory

White game, 3-0 for Djokovic

Nadal offers no resistance to the opposing service.

And it’s a break for Djokovic!

Djokovic now leads 2-0 in the Manche quarter. A herald of a fifth set? In any case, the world number one seems to be reviving.

One point on the full score

6-2, 4-6, 6-2, 0-1 in favor of Nadal throughout the match.

Whistles against Djokovic

The spectators did not appreciate the gesture of humor against the Serb, who hit the top of the net with his racket after losing the first point of the second game (1-0 for Nole in the 4th set).

A more favorable state for Nadal

100% wins for Nadal when he leads two sets to one face to “Nole”. This bodes well for the Spaniard, but that does not mean that the game will end at the end of this fourth round.

The clock is ticking for the spectators

3:02 precise game, right now. Will all the spectators stay for this fourth set? On line 9 of the metro, the last departure in the direction of Paris is at 00:34 …

Nadal grabs the 3rd set! He leads 2 sets to 1!

6-2! It’s been a little over three hours since the two geniuses were on the central court!

Djokovic reassures and folds his fast serve game, 5-2!

The Serb easily wins his service game and secures himself after many fouls in the last games. 5-2, Nadal serves to win the third inning.


Unplayable on his serve game, Nadal cracks Djokovic who chains the balls off the court. The Majorcan now has a very long lead, 5-1.

Nadal’s double break, which takes advantage of Djokovic’s mistakes! 4-1!

The Spaniard can count on the direct faults of the Serb to offer himself a double-break, and seal a little more this third inning: 4-1 for Nadal!

Nadal confirmed that his son broke at the end of the suspense, 3-1!

The Majorcan was scared of his service but got out once again and managed to win this game to continue his 3-1 lead.

A new extended game … and a third draw!

Specialists in extended games, the two mastodons of the evening fall back on their backs after three expeditious games and are already in their 3rd draw.

Djokovic offers an ace to tie at 2-1!

The Serb holds the shock and easily wins his serve game to return to 2-1.

Nadal confirmed his son’s break, 2-0!

The game accelerates and Nadal wins two games in the space of nine minutes. The Majorquin unfolds his entire repertoire, and concludes a superb long line straight shot.


Very complicated this third round debut for Djokovic. The Serb is once again broken by Rafa from his first serve, as in the last two innings. It’s already 1-0 for Nadal.

At the state that plays us in Rafa’s favor …

Tic, tac … The last three games of more than 3 hours between Nadal and Djoko all ended in victories for the Serb … Time is running out for the world number one.


The match is completely relaunched! While Rafael Nadal was on duty, Novak Djokovic broke the Spaniard to win the second set 6-4. A set everywhere!

Djokovic easily won the game with his own free kick! 5-4!

The Serb returns to the front in an unusually fairly short level level game. Rafael Nadal is in the service of the future game, to continue to make more time.

EGALIT! 4-4!

Rafael Nadal reported the service game at the end of a new game very disputed, and recognizes 4-4.

The marathon continues

What an iron arm! At the end of a new extended game, the world number one holds his service and leads the game for the first time in a set. 4-3, eg is approaching two hours of play. Nadal got a break.

Debreak Djokovic, 3-3!

Leading 3-0, the Serb won a third straight game to go back to 3-3, on his fifth attempt and after more than a quarter of an hour of effort! It will now serve to lead the second round. The level of play is completely resserré between the two men.

An endless sixth game

Already more than 12 minutes in this sixth game … and a warning given to Nadal, who leads 3-2 in this second round.

Nadal complains

Before starting his service game, the Spaniard is in discussion with the referee for a gene in the eye, perhaps a gnat. He finally wins his place.

Djokovic regale

The Serb wins his game without too much difficulty and seems to be gaining momentum in this second round. He wins two games in a row for the first time in the game. Returns to 3-2.

Djokovic is reassured

The world number one takes advantage of a missed cushioning of his opponent to break free. He is still leading 3-1.

Double break for Nadal!

The world number one is missing his cushion and is crucified by Nadal, who now leads 3-0, service to follow!

Nadal confirms his son’s breakup

Excellent service game from the Spaniard, who wins white, so with much more ease than his opponent. He leads 2-0 in this second inning.

And already a break for Nadal in set 2! 1-0!

The galley continues for Djokovic … After saving six break points in a game of more than 13 minutes, the Serb finally bows down and sees Nadal pass in front of him again from his first serve game. 1-0 for Espagnola in this one-way match!

Already a break point for Nadal …

The Majorquin is exceptional defensively and pushes Djoko to the foul.


Unplayable on his service, so it is logical that Rafael Nadal won the first set on ace. Impressive debut of the match du Majorquin, with 6-2 in the first set of no. 1 world champion and title holder Novak Djokovic. A one-way shock for the Spaniard.

When he leads 5-1 against Djoko …

When he leads 5-1 against Djokovic, Nadal has six wins and only one loss.

A little relief for Djoko, who wins his service game, 5-2!

The Serb, who looks very tense on Tuesday night, manages to win his service game after suffering two breaks from Nadal. He will be a little reassured and stick to 5-2.

The first set seems settled, 5-1 for Nadal!

Nadal is in shape and looks stunning tonight. After a very long first exchange, the Spaniard really takes the lead and dominates the exchange. 5-1 for the Majorcan against Djoko.


Phenomenal! L’Espagnol won a second break in which set and took the lead over Novak Djokovic. He continued his lead 4-1 thanks in part to a splendid pass to conclude.

Already 30 minutes for only 4 games …

This poster promises to be very, very long, since the first four games have already lasted half an hour.

Game for Rafa who keeps his lead, 3-1!

At the end of the suspense Nadal comes out and manages to win his very poorly embarked service game. 3-1 for the Spaniard.

Nadal saves three landslides!

The Spaniard in difficulty on his service is very close to seeing Djokovic in profit to return to equality. Still 2-1, but Nadal came to 40A.

White game for Djokovic!

And an ace for Djokovic, who fell to 2-1 after a white game on his service.

2-0 for Rafael Nadal!

L’Espagnol continues to run in the lead and confirms his break. Solid on his service game, already removes Novak Djokovic.


After 10 minutes, Rafael Nadal’s Novak Djokovic found the back of the goal with a beautiful free kick. Philippe Chatrier’s first surprise in the yard!

Already nine minutes in this first game!

We are warned: this match may last. On Djoko’s service, Nadal clings and pushes this exchange into a 40A that lasts.

22 shots reported from this second point!

The match started strongly, with a Rafael Nadal very visible in the legs and which corresponds perfectly with Novak Djokovic au service. 30-15 for Djoko.

Whistles against Djokovic

Prime Video consultant Marion Bartoli describes “quite a few whistles” from the audience against Novak Djokovic.

The two monsters are training at Court Philippe Chatrier

Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal warm up on the central court, in a rather favorable atmosphere in Spanish.

Nadal came on for the court

Costume Novak Djokovic. The start of the match is imminent.

The keys to this final ahead of time

Opposing in the quarterfinals at Roland Garros on Tuesday night at the center, Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal face off for the 59th time in their careers. If the Serb leads the debates (30 wins, 28 losses), the Spaniard reigns on clay (7-2).

>> For all key information of this end before time, click HERE

The match starts at 9 p.m.

The match will start at 9 pm on the Philippe-Chatrier court, depending on the Prime Video broadcaster, the time to do the maintenance of all spectators with tickets for the night session.

What time does the game start?

Zverev-Alcaraz may last, so it is not certain that the match can start at 20:45, as planned in principle.

Hello and welcome to this live

This is arguably the most enticing game of the fortnight, and the one everyone has been waiting for since the draw: a Roland-Garros quarterfinal that smells like powder between Rafael Nadal, 13 titles on the counter and a statue ahead of Roland Garros, and Novak Djokovic, deprived of the Grand Slam in Australia and coming back very strong.

The answer to the match takes place in the night session and is visible on Prime video. But the American broadcaster opened the game to everyone and not just his subscribers. Here’s how to put one together for use with your TV.

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