Nadal’s confession on Federer’s message after his coronation at Roland-Garros!

Rafael Nadal conquered Paris even more precisely, for the 14th time of his career. Indeed, thanks to his victory over Casper Ruud at the end of Philippe Chatrier’s court last Sunday, le Majorquin relayed his 22nd Grand Chelem son of his career. To congratulate him, Roger Federer sent him a message.

For the fourth time in his career, Rafael Nadal lifted the Roland-Garros trophy last Sunday on the Philippe Chatrier course. Since his debut in the professional world, the victory of the Majorquin at the Grand Slam in Paris has become a habit when the latter is in good physical condition. And from the top of his 36 years and being particularly diminished for this edition 2022 due to foot pain, Rafael Nadal surpassed himself and went to draw on his reserves to sweep the competition at every turn, with in particular a small blow of fate in the semi-finals then Alexandru Zverevwhich poses a real challenge Nadal, had to be ruled out after injuring his ankle. As a result, the duration of the fight was reduced and Rafael Nadal took the best on Casper Ruud in the final on Sunday on the Chatrier in three sets (6-3, 6-3 and 6-0). Still, his good-natured star kept him from going to the end of the fight Zverev is not the only reason for his coronation at Roland Garros. His infiltrations for his foot pain undeniably played a role without these Rafael Nadal probably could not have …

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