Near Ferns: VP Bucătar Acasă cooks at home

Isabelle Biard, Valentin Pérelle, Margaux his partner, Bernard Gaudin, Alain Forêt. In the background, Hervé Labbé, Daniel Blanchet, Patrick Manceau and Maxine Penaud were present during this sponsorship. © La Chronique républicaine

Valentin Perelle has just been sponsored by the Pays de Fougères Initiative platform, which helps young creators or business owners to start more serenely by providing them with financial assistance in the form of a 0% loan, which is often 50% more abundant. de Fougères Agglomeration.

In 2019, Valentin Perelle, 29 years old, originally from Fleurigné started her own home and business micro home business, as well as for a few weddings.

His cuisine has become too petite, he is looking for a place to grow. A La Chapelle-Janson, he finds the nugget, the old pharmacy in the village holds out his arms. After the development work, he moved there in early April 2022, at 13 rue de Cimette.

The young chef can be proud of his career: five years at the hotel school in Dinard, after the Bac and the BTS.

“I went to Scotland to improve my English, I worked in the gym, first in Edinburgh in a French restaurant, then in Balmoral.”

Valentin Pérelle

Then return to Dinard in a restaurant while employed for a year to improve his cuisine. A new two years in London, then two years in Paris in the gastronomic restaurant of Cyrille Lignac and return to Brittany in 2017.

With local products

I couldn’t choose between cooking and working in the living room, I missed contact, so I decided to start my own business. Chef at Home allows me to reconcile my two passions. I go home, everything is homemade and I work with local producers, I prefer quality over quantity ”.

Valentin Pérelle

On Wednesday, June 1, the mayor of La Chapelle, Alain Forêt, Isabelle Biard, departmental councilor, Patrick Manceau, president of Fougères Agglo and members of the Pays de Fougères initiatives came to encourage him. Bernard Gaudin, his IPF sponsor, hailed this beautiful initiative, his energy in a very lucrative sector.

VP Chef AT Home 13 from Cimette to La Chapelle-Janson. Tel: 07 86 08 24 05 – Present on social networks: vpchefathome

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