Near Fougères: the Nova bitch only eats when she receives the order!

On the left René Janvier and on the right the president of the Gosné dog club Bruno Morin, next to Nova, 5 years old, the club’s mascot. © La Chronique républicaine

A Saint-Georges-de-Reintembault, René Janvier, 66, is a dog enthusiast. Hunter for 43 years, he owned seven beagles but two years ago he decided to stop hunting and entrusted his dogs to other hunters.

When he retired six years ago, he offered himself a golden retriever, a breed of dog He has always dreamed of having.

Nova, a five-year-old female, arrived at her home a few weeks ago. A puppy should not leave its mother for two or even three months.

Before he had Nova, René had gone to see the Canine Club of Gosné, created for 18 years, to find out how it went. The club that offers education, cross-country and agility, has 70 members and more than 600 dogs and have been trained.

Education of the dog… and his master

At six months old, René decided to take Nova to the club once a week to begin his education.

The president of the club, who has 35 years of experience, explains that at 70% it is not the dog that is educated, but the master!

In educating a dog, it is important to know that the teacher must have three intonations of voice: normal, severe, and one compliment intonation. The club and the teacher must teach the dog the right behaviors to adopt for good integration in the family or outside. You always have to use the same words, the dog on the leash should always be on your left. Many orders are simply made by gestures: sitting, lying down …

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When Nova was eight months old, René, discouraged, wanted to give up, she did not listen to her teacher’s instructions, but the educators encouraged her to continue, and to persist.

The entire team shows up at the club on Wednesday, May 18 for their dog education
Dog owners present at the club on Wednesday, May 18 for the dog training session. © La Chronique républicaine

Demonstrations on June 25

Today, Nova is five years old and she is listening to her master. René Janvier always takes his bitch once a week to the club. One day he handed the bowl to Nova and took the opportunity to fetch her mail. When he returned, Nova was sitting in front of his bowl and not touching it, because René had forgotten to give him the order to eat. Nova is a beautiful bitch, very obedient and surrounded by love by René and his son Chantal’s son.

René Janvier and the son of the Cynophile de Gosné club will be present at the St-Georges-de-France celebration on June 25 at 10 a.m., all day and education demonstrations.

Classes are held Sunday morning at 9:30 a.m. and Wednesday afternoon at 3 p.m.

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