Near Moret. Reconverted into a 6-month-old kitchen, Grégory held concours de pâtisserie

Stéphane Solivo (left) is proud of his new kitchen clerk, Grégory Dumas (© DR)

Nothing predestined Grigore Dumasthe new kitchen clerk of the inn-restaurant At the Flagy Millto win the pastry contest organized by the Moret Seine & Loing tourist office, on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the community of communes.

The very idea of ​​participating in the contest made him smile without tempting him. It was without counting on the enthusiasm of his establishment’s team that encouraged him until he finally gave in.

“Basically, I’m an Ehpad animator”

“Basically, I am an animator in Ehpad. At the end of 2021, I had to convert and responded to a job offer from the Flagy Mill. At home, I enjoy cooking and especially making cakes, but I have no special traininglet’s just say it’s more of a hobby, ”says Gregory Dumas.

In his mill of the XIIIe century having belonged to Blanche de Castille, the chief Stéphane SolivoCare offers refined cuisine with an evolving menu over the seasons, quickly realizing that its new kitchen clerk has donations for pastryespecially when he revisits the desserts on the menu to give them a peek back.

Registration for the competition in the professional category is then launched. Twice in three moves, Grégory encounters the task and has no place to mix rescuers with local produce.

If not barley sugar is the must-have ingredient for the contest, it adds poppy seeds to it Nemours and revisit the Fontainebleau to be able to incorporate it into his baked macaroni by adding a confit rose of Provins.

sonny royal casket (see photo below) the team is unanimous as well as the jury chaired by Babette de Rozières, godmother of the competition.

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The royal casket of Gregory Dumas
The royal casket of Gregory Dumas (© CCMSL)

“We applied to laugh”

“When the phone rang and the girls started screaming in full service, it was clear that Gregory had won. More it was not imagined that it would be for the first prizeall the more so since at the beginning we had applied to laugh, ”rejoices Stéphane Solivo, proud of his new cook.

Since then, le Moulin de Flagy including L’Écrin Royal, the new pastry shop, in its menus or à la carte for a gourmet break. Finally, thanks to this first place, Grégory Dumas’ recipe will become the gourmet emblem of Moret Seine & Loing for a period of at least three years.

Professional competition: 1. Grégory Dumas (Moulin de Flagy) 2. Guillaume Lucas (Auberge du Bocage, in Dormelles) 3. José Brejo (La Porte de Bourgogne, in Moret)
Public Tide Competition: 1. Lily-Rose Fourrey 2. Charlotte Lefèvre 3. Stéphane Roux
Bakery competition: Jury prize for Au Faubourg de l’Écluse (Moret) and tourist office prize for the Échoppe aux Douceurs (Moret)

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