Nersac: it cooks quality and short circuit at the school restaurant

“In 2018, I started to approach local producers”, explains the caregiver who spent 15 years in the army before being on the stove. Like many other school restaurants, Nersac’s ambition is to focus on short circuits and healthier food. “I am also passing through a local agricultural platform. »

He therefore does his “market” regularly at the Gardens next door or at the Pas farm. Often partner manufacturers who regularly receive classes to explain their craft.

“Our job is to put everything in place to reduce the rest of the table, continues the cook, who with his colleague Anaïs Jouassin, cuts all the meat into small pieces to make it easier to eat. “It simply came to our notice then. » That’s why every year, CP and CE1 classes put on charlottes and overblouses to take a full tour of the school restaurant’s facilities, from the cold room to the stoves.

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