Net revenue exceeded € 2bn in November

The FFA has unveiled the provisional figures for life insurance collection.

INFOGRAPHICS – After € 2.7 billion in October, net collections landed in excess of € 2 billion in November.

Life insurance is in an insolent form at the end of 2021. In November alone, the French placed 12.4 billion euros on their contracts. This is simply a level never reached at this time of year. The record of 2006 (12 billion euros) has fallen.

The amount of benefits for the month of November amounts to 10.1 billion euros, for a net collection of 2.3 billion euros. Interesting point for insurers trying to limit the collection in euros, the units of account represent two thirds of the net collection, or 1.5 billion euros.

Since the beginning of the year, deposits have exceeded withdrawals by € 21bn, an increase of € 24.3bn compared to 2020, the year of net take-off. But it is still 2.3 billion euros lower than in 2019. Outstanding loans are close to 1,900 billion euros (1,861 billion euros, + 4%).

Unit contributions amounted to € 4.9 billion, bringing the balance sheet to € 59.9 billion since January, or 38% of the amounts deposited by investors over the past 11 months.

The PER continues its momentum with 130,000 new subscriptions in November, an increase of 69% compared to November 2020. The French will have spent 714 million euros to prepare for their retirement in November 2021 and 3.9 billion euro from January. In total, 2.5 million savers hold a PER for a course of 27.1 billion euros.

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