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Increasingly characterized as a piece of life, the kitchen plays the opening card in the operation of a radical change. Between these four walls, there is no question of showing anything. It’s time for a demo show and the art of staging. It istaggers and niches thus took over the four-pin spaces, closed by facades with trendy coatings and colors. Now the trend is opening up.

The niche, THE new kitchen trend

Modern alternatives to the dishes of our grandmothers, the niches in series or parsimony give the rhythm and life of this piece while remaining in the shadows of the salon. This surge of low or high lockers offers news storage solutions, perfect for modern kitchens where decor and functionality are constantly fed. A trend that chefs are responding to through a variety of new models where niches take their place in different forms.

How to adopt niches in the kitchen?

Adding a horizontal storage line to give a new dynamic to a sage kitchen, series of niches vertically for a library effect, alternating between open niches and closed niches to create a unique decor, a central kitchen island with large niches to display your most beautiful dishes, kitchen with sink in the niche: this type of storage in vogue unfolds in various sizes and shapes to prove that each model kitchen has an innate sense of style and decoration.

Used as an elegant transition between a kitchen open to a living room or to provide a side-by-side transparency, these niches animate the kitchen in the same way as the shelves. Small decor such as small appliances, dishes and even food (slipped into glass jars) come to dress up these open spaces.

Discover 10 kitchen models that brilliantly adopt niches.

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