Nobsolete: ils inventent un utensile de cuisine modulaire et “increvable” pour lutter contre l’obsolescence

In a few weeks and, moreover, on the following October 11, the laureates of the 2022 du James Dyson Awards, LE concours international de design, which encourage young generations to innovate, to conceive and to propose products that could become indispensable in the day will be announced Our. . The competition organized by the Fondation James Dyson, a recognized charity of public utility, is now unmissable worldwide. Nous avons choisi de present your project Nathan Hubert and Mano Silberzahn, deux jeunes français, who imagined a kitchen tool that l’on peut garder à vie et qui sont finalistes pour le prix 2022. A project qui s’engage contre cette obsolescence qui nous empêche de garder no objects sur du long terme et surtout , which produces mountains of electronic waste. Son name, Nobsolete! Discoveries.

Nobsolete c’est quoi?

Les concepteurs presente le comme un de cuisine que l’on garde à vie et qui veut promote la réparation au lieu de fabrique des more en plus de déchets électroniques! Users of this multi-tool can access the heart of the tool and use a website to identify the panel, order spare parts, and resolve lingering issues. Nobsolete can transform into a blender, mixer, mélangeur and other useful functions in a kitchen, but in one appliance.

De quoi les concepteurs se sont-ils inspirés?

Les petits electroménagers, and especially those who are in the kitchen during a rather short life. Et comme, ils ne sont pas très chers à remplacer, we have le réflexes de jeter rather than de réparer. Le petit électroménager is a big plus causes of electronic waste in the world, when, perhaps, it is enough for a few seconds to restart the device that l’on pensait definitively hors d’usage ! Small kitchen appliances are subject to many constraints such as heat, humidity, food and many more things. Et quand ils ne fonctionnent plus, ils partent à la poubelle!

Every part is repairable or interchangeable.
Every part is repairable or interchangeable. Photo Credit: Nobsolete (YouTube Screenshot)

How does Nobsolete work?

Nobsolete is composed of three modules: an electronic module that acts as a handle and receives the trigger and receives the current, a motorized module to turn the utensils and a function module that will interact with the food. The fact that it is designed in autonomous modules allows it to propose a complete solution, especially since they can be easily opened to users to change the element in the panel. Et si l’utilisateur n’a pas lâme d’un bricoleur, il peut changer only le modules en panne, conservant les deux autres. Cela avoids changing the entire product and thus causes less waste. Concretely, if the user notices a malfunction, he can reach the website to carry out a diagnosis.

A modular and “increvable” kitchen utensil. Photo Credit: Nobsolete (YouTube Screenshot)

After the diagnosis, you will be redirected to boutique de pièces detacheds. Une fois les pièces reçues, il will have to follow the detailed and intuitive instructions that will guide them to changer la pièce. In addition to the panel and parts identifier, the concepteurs provided an LED device that flashes different colors depending on the panel and QR codes that allow the identification of the defective part! A seul appareil for several accessories, which l’on peut réparer soi-même, in voilà une bonne idée, et quelques économies en perspective. More information? Meet at

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