On the kitchen at the Soustons market

Eating well at school is now what the EGALIM law has required since the beginning of 2022. 50% sustainable and quality products not 20% products from agriculture biologique. At Soustons College we know how to make and try to achieve these objectives, we prepare varied, tasty, vegetarian menus thanks to the know-how of chef Romuald Louis who has been working in this establishment for 20 years. A leader who never negotiates product prices with local producers, is well aware that this is about bringing his stone to the building to run a local and circular economy while educating the palaces. of his little middle schoolers.

Chef Romuald Louis from François Mitterrand de Soustons College at work in the city market. © Radio France

Pentru noi dismantles that in the kitchens of the Landes colleges we work as in any restaurant, our chef went shopping at the Soustons market with the producers of the sector and with a budget of 30 euros before cooking live for the Circuit Bleu Côté Flavors special “Landes au Menu”. An exercise, of course, far from providing 530 meals a day for his students but just as enjoyable.

Tomatoes from the Soustons market.
Tomatoes from the Soustons market. © Radio France
Thelma Berges

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Soustons Peanuts, Bignalet House Beef, Magescq Blueberry,…

What a pleasure for Chef Romuald to work the beef heart tomatoes associated with, among other things, the sublime peanuts of Soustons and the sheep’s cheese. What a pleasure to discuss with Maison Bignalet and to highlight its new product, a beef and tender rosette accompanied by vegetables from vegetables and shiitake mushrooms grown in Herm. For his dessert, the chef made it strong by appealing to our childhood memories, it was with a cream of raw milk, honey and blueberries from Magescq that he seduced all the gourmands in the market.

Cooking products from the Soustons market.
Cooking products from the Soustons market. © Radio France
Thelma Bergès

Local, fresh and healthy on the plate of our middle school students is THE mission of the Departmental Council.

Collective catering in colleges is the responsibility of the Departmental Council which manages almost two million meals a year in the Landes as part of the Territorial Departmental Food Plan and which also meets the obligations of this famous law EGALIM. It is not easy to meet the demands of all schools for vegetables to take this example, it is for this reason that the local government has set up the ETAL40 device that allows future farmers to test their project on test plots. During the day’s show on the Soustons market, market gardener Yann Leconte recounts his experience in the commune of Mimizan and evokes a future installation at Arengosse alongside Dominique Degos and Sabine Dauga du Conseil Départemental.

Romuald Louis, head of the college of Soustons and Yann Leconte land gardener in the process of settling in Arengosse.
Romuald Louis, head of the college of Soustons and Yann Leconte land gardener in the process of settling in Arengosse. © Radio France

The special shows “Landes Au Menu” in France Bleu Gascogne is all this week from June 20 to 24 live a Landes market from 9 am to noon.

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