On the kitchen fresh and colorful with Anne Lambing by AML Créations Culinaires

And you, what do you eat when it’s hot and even very hot? It is not always easy to eat cold and balanced, but imagine that it is possible! Anne Lambing, culinary crafts at AML Créations Culinaires gave us some recipes. This can be a diner aperitif with vegetable caviar to spread if you have a little time ahead of you, but if you have very little time, go for a fresh gazpacho made with melon, cucumber and watermelon. It will be a perfect, fresh, and balanced entree, full of nutrients. For fish lovers, don’t hesitate to indulge in a sea bream ceviche, or simpler in a Norwegian salad: a few salad leaves, cherry tomatoes, smoked salmon, shelled shrimp and a small emulsion of seafood juice. lemon salt pepper and olive oil and the trick is played. Desert Coté, Anne introduced us to the surprise pastèque. Another way to eat fruit. With a Parisian spoon, dig balls into a watermelon, a melon, a few big peaches if you have them, and put all your fruit notes in the dug watermelon that will serve as a salad bowl. With a few mint leaves and the tour is played!

Anne Lambing is a home caterer and makes everything homemade. For a reception of up to 60 people, a restaurant with friends, a family holiday, a business dinner, call on its services.

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