On the kitchen live du marche d’Aire-sur-Adour

France Bleu Gascogne has been running the “Landes au Menu” operation all week since June 20, 2022. Landes au Menu it is the will and the device of the Departmental Council of the Landes to guarantee healthy and balanced meals made with a maximum of local and organic products for Landes colleges but also, in the long run, for the whole collective catering of the department.

This Tuesday morning, the first day of summer, Direct cuisine from the Aire-Sur-Adour market with David Lapeyre, chef of the Cap de Gascogne de Saint-Sever college accompanied by the principal of his college and his “Eco-delegate”. Middle schoolers working to make their school greener. Widely aware young people and for whom there is an urgency to act! So it is only natural that they have worked with their teaching staff, their chef and the Departmental Council to put in place an extensive “anti-waste” program. With measures such as the creation of a food waste compost, the installation of a “bread gauge” so as not to consume more bread than necessary, with a “small hunger or big hunger” device that allows staff to kitchens to estimate portions on students’ plates. In the coming months, everyone is wondering if creating a vegetable garden is possible.

Cap de Gascogne middle school students pay attention to the actions of their chef David Lapeyre. © Radio France
Thelma Bergès

Eat better, throw less!

Eating better and throwing less is a source of stress for our high school students in Cap de Gascogne. Children are delighted to see their chef go straight to the market after shopping early in the morning with a budget of 30 euros from local producers. In the end on the plates: “candied country tomato, gingerbread, melon from Aire-sur-Adour and spinach in julienne, chicken stuffed with shrimp coconut sauce and its sweet and fluffy mashed potatoes with zucchini chocolate and egg custard Gauthier Deses “ and most of all almost zero waste except for a few vegetable peels, the plates obviously came back empty.

The menu of the day by the chef of Cap de Gascogne de Saint-Sever College, David Lapeyre. Direct culinary menu in France Bleu Gascogne for the “Landes au Menu” operation. © Radio France

The special shows “Landes Au Menu” in France Bleu Gascogne is all this week from June 20 to 24 live a Landes market from 9 am to noon. You can find out more about your Landes au Menu at your local mass catering destination Territorial Departmental Food Project (PADT) the Landes Departmental Council.

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