On the kitchen live du marché d’Eugénie-les-Bains

This Wednesday morning, the sun of Eugénie-les-Bains was welcoming women of character: Patricia Boueilh have micro by Marie Cécile Gardey to talk to us about conservation and everyday trait in the dominated sector of men and men. chef Mireille Lassis, care was absent from the kitchen of the René Soubaigné college in Mugron for a morning to pass behind the stoves of France Bleu Gascogne. After shopping at the market, his mission was to prepare a menu with a budget of 30 euros, under the eyes of passing gourmands. She is the 3rd chef to try out this week’s market tour for Operation Landes au Menu.

Culinary talk between chef Mireille Lassis of René Soubaigné College and Patricia Boueilh, a caterer and manager of a cannery © Radio France

« The Landes on the Menu »it is also the Territorial Food Plan set up by the Landes Department which work for school catering in order to incorporate the best of Landes products directly into the plate of high school students.

Not so simple to cook healthy meals every day, from organic, sustainable and local products for 300 to 500 students. However, this is stipulated in the EGALIM law, which requires, for example, a vegetarian meal per week. This is where Fabrice Martin, school catering referent for the Landes Departmental Council, enters the scene. He has been in charge of production in the school restaurant for 20 years, and is now accompanied by chefs from 34 Landes public colleges in this ecological transition. If this happens, six culinary workshop sessions with an outside chef have been put in place to provide the tools needed for chefs to propose recettes végétariennes adapted to the collective kitchen. Short circuits, seasonal products, evolutionary cooking techniques, balanced menus… So many devices adopted by chefs who are committed to high school students, the local economy and the planet.

A smile on his face and water in his mouth

For Mireille Lassis, going to the canteen should be a fun time. This morning, it was the passage in front of the itinerant cuisine France Bleu Gascogne that delighted passers-by who were able to enjoy a fresh salad with local vegetables and seasons as a starter, followed by pork ribs marinated in honey and carrots from the country to the east. To top it all off, the chef suggested a revisited raspberry pie made with Breton palate and whipped cream with lime. A menu for high school students, René Soubaigné à Mugron, had a snack and had some feelings about going back to school!

Menu prepared by Mireille Lassis and tasted by gourmands from the market of Eugenie-les-Bains
Menu prepared by Mireille Lassis and tasted by gourmands from the market of Eugenie-les-Bains © Radio France

The special shows “Landes Au Menu” in France Bleu Gascogne is all this week from June 20 to 24 live a Landes market from 9 am to noon. You can find out more about your Landes au Menu at your local mass catering destination Territorial Departmental Food Project (PADT) the Landes Departmental Council.

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