one month before a seizure, your body sends you these 8 signals


  • Every year, 140,000 cases of stroke or transient ischemic attack (TIA) are registered in France.
  • 30% of stroke victims die before the end of the first month.

During their lifetime, one in 6 people will have a heart attack, which is a sudden loss of one or more brain functions. This attack is caused by a sudden cessation of blood flow inside the cervix or the occurrence of intracerebral hemorrhage.

“A characteristic of stroke is the occurrence of symptoms. (…) Their intensity may be maximal right from the start, but it will be accentuated for a few minutes or even a few hours ”, can be read on the Inserm website. Although this stroke occurs without prevention, several symptoms of a stroke can occur and announce the arrival of this heart attack.

Early signs of a stroke

One month before it occurs, a stroke can be manifested early by paralysis or numbness of the face and limbs (especially the arm), which affects only one part of the body. An inability to insure can also indicate a future stroke. Another alarming sign is a speech disorder, either because of a difficulty in articulating or finding one’s words, or because of the use of incomprehensible words or a difficulty in understanding what one hears.

Patients may also have difficulty understanding their interlocutor. Before an attack occurs, one may also face a vision problem (loss of vision in one eye or double vision) and a sudden loss of balance and coordination. march. A few weeks before a stroke, it is also possible to be breathless without any reason to suffer from an intense, brutal and unusual headache, after Assurance maladie.

Consultant a health professional

If these signs occur, it is advisable to contact and consult a healthcare professional to prevent the occurrence of a stroke.

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