Ouahbi promises a digital platform

The Minister of Justice, Abdellatif Ouahbi, announced last Monday in the House of Representatives that a digital platform will be set up to monitor and supervise the execution of judgments against insurance companies. This new mechanism contributes to the identification of dysfunctions and delayed features registered in several terms, the minister specified in front of the parliamentarians.

“A new digital platform will be well in line for the supervisor to execute the judgments handed down against the insurance companies,” said Justice Minister Abdellatif Ouahbi, who spoke at the last oral hearings. in the House of Representatives. According to the same manager, this project will be carried out in partnership with insurance companies. Concretely, it will be the question for the Ministry of Justice to register all lawsuits in the various courts in the United Kingdom against insurance companies, which will allow it to be traceable on the evolution of each case and identifier. malfunctions in case of delay in execution. In the case of the courts, their mission will be to enforce judgments.

As for the partner insurance companies, they undertake to pay the indemnities and damages as soon as possible, according to the details provided by the Minister. “The replacement of this plate will allow to solve the big problem of the relative delay found in the execution of lawsuits against insurance companies. Indeed, we have found that some judgments issued in 2022 have been executed, while others, dating back to 2016, were still delayed, which raises several questions about the reasons for this delay, “said the Minister. . He pointed out that the establishment of this platform would also make it possible to solve the problems of “territorial belonging”. He argued that in the current state of affairs, the courts are delegating the enforcement of judgments in case the bare insurance company is not in the same city as the court. A constraint that will now be overcome with the installation of this platform that has a national character.

On another record, the minister announced that his department will plan next year on the revision of the scale of compensation granted by these companies, acknowledging that the amounts of current damages remain very low and sometimes do not exceed 20,000 to 40,000 DH in case of death. “We already had a meeting three months ago with representatives of the insurance companies and the representative of the National Health Insurance Agency to prepare for the launch of the platform. Nevertheless, we will have much more time to start reforming the scale of compensation granted by these companies. That is why we have decided to start this work next year after the examination and adoption of the bill on judicial procedure which is currently requiring all the attention, ”the Minister concluded.


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