Our menu is light and refreshing to face the heat

When it’s hot, it’s not always obvious to compose a menu that is both satisfying and refreshing. To help you counteract the heat, without spending hours behind the stove, check out our gourmet ideas. They have a menu: a starter, a main course and a perfect dessert to face the high temperatures in the summer.

The mercury needs to climb and the heat is felt even in the kitchen. Salads, cold soups, vegetables, ice cream or fruit salads … When it’s hot, you often want cold and lighter recipes than usual. So this week, there is no question of turning on the oven and spending hours behind the stoves. We choose recipes that are fresh and require little or no cooking. Starter, main course, dessert: discover our menu and our turnkey recipes to treat yourself and face the heat wave.

What to drink when it’s hot? Did you know that drinking too cold accelerates the body’s dehydration? If you generally feel like turning to soda with ice or a glass of cool water, know that there is nothing more effective than drinking a lukewarm drink (between 12 and 14 ° for be precise) or hot! The latter allows the vessels to expand and evacuate more easily in the heat. In this way, avoid thermal beaks. In case of heat stroke, opt for a high water of verre at room temperature or a tea sans sucre for example.

Your special menu forces heat

For the entrance: gaspacho express

6 tomatoes
1 onion
1 peeled cucumber
1 red pepper
1 clove of garlic
1 pinch of cumin
1 pinch of oregano
1 pinch of salt
5 cl of neutral oil
5 cl of vinegar

When preparing:
Peel a squash, grate it and squeeze the juice.

When reduced to a puree, add all other ingredients and mixer until completely liquid.

Finally, pass the liquid through a sieve or sieve, add water and ice. Reserve cool before serving.

For the dish: summer mozzarella salad

220 g of mozzarella
20 cherry tomatoes
1 lemon yellow
200 g of mash
1 melon
1 bouquet of basil
Salt and pepper

When preparing:
Wash, drain and mash. Slice the melon and cherry tomatoes into 2. Crumble the mozzarella. Chop the fresh basil bouquet.

Mix with a pinch of salt and leave to cool until ready to serve.

At that time, drizzle with lemon juice before tasting

Turn the dessert: minute red fruit ice cream without ice cream maker

2 trays of red fruit or 400 g of red fruit already frozen for an express version
1 stream of water
1 tablespoon honey

When preparing:
If you opt for fresh fruit, place the red fruit in the freezer a few hours in advance.
Mix the fruit with the honey and a drizzle of water.

Enjoy immediately.

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