Owners, insure for unpaid rents

How can landlords deal with unpaid monthly rents? Focus on the operation of unpaid rent insurance.

Despite them, many landlords have sometimes experienced the nasty surprise of having received their rental rent on time or even for several consecutive months. Payment of charges then takes a different turn and more than anything, the rental investment creates major problems that can end up in court with some tenants definitely lacking confidence and security.

How can this be avoided? For homeowners, the solution to unpaid rent insurance makes more and more sense, especially when a bad experience has already been experienced by homeowners. Before we know it, we’ll explain how unpaid rent insurance works and how such a solution really helps homeowners and helps sustain their rental investment.

Why insure your property against an unpaid rent?

In most homes, a homeowner puts his or her apartment or property in a general location for investment purposes. Today, in France, it is still the most popular and easiest investment to set up, whether by subcontracting through a real estate agency or directly from individual to individual.

However, it is not impossible to come across tenants who refuse to pay the rent due after a few months of rent. And this, even for those presenting during the interviews, substantial and reassuring files.

Insuring your property as a landlord against any unpaid rents allows you to protect many things. In particular, this is the case with Unkle, which ensures that late or non-payment of rent does not affect your finances, repaying you within thirty days of the damage. With such a reputable and reputable insurer, the support does not end there, because in the event of a bad surprise, it accompanies you to effectively manage the unpaid and ensure that it does not happen again.

Moreover, while litigation unfortunately seems to be the only solution to a recurring problem, the insurer’s legal expertise puts the perfect in its rights and allows it to claim the things due to it. Throughout the procedure, a good insurer will also guarantee full payment of the rentobviously.

How to insure your property against rents unpaid by tenants?

Sometimes some tenants take out insurance to insure their case and get closer to an agency that guarantees the financial health and ability of the homeowner to pay their rent. At an insurer like Unkle, mentioned above, this insurance is paid by a tenant at the time of the creation of his file, can benefit from the owner. In case of bad surprise and finally, of a default of payment for one or more months, the insurer repairs what can be considered as his fault and damages the landlord by fully fulfilling his role of guarantor.

In the same way, the insurance provided and taken out by the landlords exempts, for example, the tenant from finding a guarantor under certain conditions. Thus, the landlord can generally find a tenant for his property well more easily and quickly.

Afterwards, he takes advantage of insurance in case of a bad surprise and a legal need. It does not matter if the rent is punctual, frequent or continuous since the arrival of the tenant.

Can other benefits be provided by homeowners insurance?

A competent insurer also commits when things are going well, don’t forget. Thus, a good insurer offers you, for example, to accompany you in the selection of one or more tenant files.

With its team of lawyers, the insurer manages multiple administrative tasks, in case of litigation or not and you save valuable time in what remains at the base, an investment.

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